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Silvia Toffanin and the gaffe during the live show, rain of criticism from the web: this is what happened, the details of the story

A beautiful, humble woman who has always known how to enhance her personality with interviews with many famous people, always with her great talent that distinguished her from the rest of her colleagues: we are talking about her, Silvia Toffanin. She is at the helm of what she considers her second family, Verissimo and, on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, she held the special on Canale 5. Unfortunately, however, the woman ended up in the eye of the storm, especially on the web.

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The beautiful Silvia begins to take her first steps in the entertainment world in 1997, when she decides to participate in the well-known Miss Italy beauty contest, reaching the final selections. What actually gave her more notoriety is the program Word of mouth in the 2000s, who occupied the position of ‘letterina’ together with her friends Ilary Blasi and Alessia Mancini.

After this important experience for the girl, she begins to conduct the famous Mosquito program on Italia 1, up to the conduct of the column Not only Moda which has been at the helm for seven editionsthe. In 2009, she replaced Paola Perego and Alfonso Signorini in the conduct of the Verissimo program which still sees her as the undisputed protagonist and a good hostess.

In an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the beautiful Silvia revealed some guests of this new edition of the program and the journalist asked several questions including What is happiness for Silvia Toffaninshe replied: “I went through difficult times and I understood that happiness is made up of small moments to be lived fully with the people I love ”.

The presenter was at the helm of the special of Verissimo on the funeral of Queen Elizabeth but, apparently, something did not like the gossip.

Silvia Toffanin and the gaffe during the live broadcast

gaffe (web photo)

On Monday 19 September 2022 the funeral of Queen Elizabeth was broadcast and, the host Silvia Toffanin was entrusted with the special of Verissimo which lasted three hours live.

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A live broadcast that does not seem to have convinced the public that on the web was unleashed with very negative comments on Toffanin; someone Tweeted writing: “Plastered, recommended, out of place and inadequate”.

Many have wondered why the special was not entrusted to Cesara Buonamici who was present as a columnist and not as a presenter. Furthermore, Silvia also ran into some gaffe: the first was on Tony Blairformer British Prime Minister, in which the woman had declared that he was about to arrive but in reality he was already seated.

Another small flaw was the announcement concerning the arrival of the funeral procession in which the princes were present Harry And William, in which Silvia had claimed that the two were in the car with Carlo, being denied shortly after by the images that showed the duke in another car.

Analyzing the comments on the web, it seems that Silvia it was completely a disaster. But was it really like that? The answer is absolutely no, since for Toffanin this was her first experience at the helm of such a big event and that is why a certain rigidity was noted.

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