mini costume and pull down the underwear

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Her charm has never known setbacks, her skill has made her a style icon: Alba Parietti is simply unique.

Listing the two qualities would be an understatement, in some ways even difficult, because if noticing his charm is perfectly normal, enumerating the experiences in a very long career is really complicated.

Alba Parietti (Instagram)

Alba Parietti she is “simply” one of the most loved and famous women in show business in Italy. From a young age she conquered for that crazy charm, for the intriguing look and that well-kept physique. However, Parietti is also and above all a woman very intelligent, with many passions, and with the ability to jump from one living room to another talking about lighter issues to spark interesting political debates. That’s why everyone is looking for it.

Over the years Parietti has shown so much quality, the skill of those who have not limited themselves to sports broadcasts, conductionsbut she always looked for new ideas, she became interested in culture, and has captured the attention of very famous men, great actors and directors, and has also had important calls not only from TV but also from cinema. After all, that charm of her has never waned, and that very strong, decisive character of her, combined with a great culture, continue to make her a much loved and followed woman.

Alba Parietti, what shape: crazy shot

Alba Parietti (Instagram)

Nothing seems to have changed since those beginnings, if not the experience, and it was a lot. In the photos shown on Instagram to a huge community, In fact, Alba Parietti retains charm and beauty, offers magnetic close-ups, it often shows itself giving something more to the followers who adore it.

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Presenter, columnist, writer, actress. It becomes difficult to describe her, but on balance it is a nickname that frames her career. She writes it, telling on social media that she is “National Dawn”. However, it is not a self-referential message as you can find so many on social media, but the great truth for a beloved woman. One of her merits is not to hide. Parietti always puts her face in debatesand he also does so on social media, often showing interesting content, but also photos that glue his almost 500,000 followers to the screen.

The last photo is in fact sensational. “Last rays of sunshine from a wonderful and unforgettable summer”, wrote Parietti. The photo accompanying the message, however, is literally crazy. Very tight bikini, intriguing face, that mischievous hand that seems to pull the swimsuit down. The result? Nearly 500 comments, but also the power of a shot that shows how much “National Dawn” is incredibly unique.

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