Kate Middleton’s daughter Charlotte brooch is very expensive

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Carefully followed by cameras and photographers deployed, Princess Charlotte at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral it has eclipsed everyone from older brother George to crowned heads and heads of state. A small protagonist, despite her, with an equally small detail of light pinned on the black caviar coat (most likely selected by her mother Kate Middleton), which symbolically represented an important family bond. Perhaps even farther, in time, than a child can even imagine. The brooch of Princess Charlotte at the funeral of Elizabeth II, a mini reproduction of a horseshoe set with some diamonds, has been identified as a gift from the sovereign to her adored great-granddaughter, in memory of her shared passion for horses. But her story is much longer, goes back almost a hundred years, and in addition it involves two much loved and crucial female figures of the House of Windsors.

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The brooch D.iamond Horse Shoe of the queen worn by Charlotte belonged, in fact, to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the mother of Elizabeth II. The proof is in a portrait taken of the young nobleman at the end of the 1920s, when she had already been married for six years to the beloved Prince Albert and had become the mother of the eldest daughter Elizabeth, the future queen, for just three years (Princess Margaret would be born the following year). Although the situation in Europe was progressively deteriorating on a political level, culminating in the advance of the Nazi-fascist regimes in Germany, Italy and Spain and finally in the Second World War, things seemed much calmer in England. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Prince Albert, nephew of the late Queen Victoria, were married in 1923 for love, unknowingly giving way to one of the most romantic traditions of the British royal family (which by then would have shelved certain marriages of interest between monarchies ), and above all without knowing what awaited them in a few years, with the abdication of their elder brother Edward VIII and the ascent to the throne of the very shy Albert with the name of George VI.

The horseshoe brooch worn by mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon in 1929.

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The delicate equestrian-themed brooch was given to the daughter-in-law by Queen Mary of Teck, wife of the reigning king George V, who had struggled a lot to convince “the more glamorous than the girls of the kingdom “, as Miss Bowes-Lyon was called, that marrying her shy, frail and stuttering second son would be the turning point of her life. At the time of the photo, where the brooch can be seen in the middle of a cascade of pearls and a real fox neck, Elizabeth was completely unaware of her future fate. The very serious air, as per the tradition of photographic portraits of the time, only deceived those who did not know her. And just as serious, although spontaneous, she was the last recipient of the family jewel, the Princess Charlotte, on the most prominent public occasion of his very young life. Wearing the brooch that belonged to the sovereign great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother queen mother and great-great-grandmother queen by chance, the daughter of Kate Middleton and William he then answered in part to the meandering question about the fate of Queen Elizabeth II’s private jewels, the imaginary treasure chest of precious items that in theory have been divided among the various members of the English royal family. To find out where the queen’s jewels have gone, one has to look at the photographs of the royal women senior working member on future official occasions, because it will be difficult for us to know anything about the legacy in an official will. The same happened with Diana Spencer’s jewelry, who was also not a queen, and the details, of course, have not been made public. The sacred myth of the Court’s discretion is not swept away with a stroke of curiosity. Only in retrospect will their destinies be reconstructed.

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