Bebe Vio in love with the amateur footballer Gianmarco Viscio

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September 22, 2022 9:58 am

The Paralympic foil athlete caught during a romantic aperitif in Rome between kisses and cuddles

Bebe Vio was reached by flashes on the terrace of a hotel along the Tiber. The 25-year-old athlete and her partner look intensely into her eyes and then kiss. Still, Bebe Vio is careful to preserve the privacy of her love life. This time, carried away by her emotions, the fencer lowers her guard and ends up in the sights of the paparazzi. On

Gianmarco Viscio

only a few details are known to the news: his profession is unknown but he is an amateur eight-a-side football player who plays in the George Best Team, with a past as a defender in a Serie B team.

Bebe Vio loves to confuse photographers and never take anything for granted, but this time they got her lost for her Gianmarco. They indulged in an aperitif in a cocktail bar outside the Roman nightlife, but on the terrace overlooking the Tiber they were immortalized by flashes. Finally, between kisses and cuddles, they headed by car to go home. Up to the sweet greetings in her house.

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Little or nothing is known about the love life of Bebe Vio, despite her mantra seems to be to make everyone around her happy. Her paparazzi can be counted on the fingers of one of her hands in her company and always with mysterious boys. She is careful to protect her privacy, with her disarming irony and extreme naturalness, the two-time Paralympic individual foil champion has always hidden her acquaintances until the other night when photographers saw her more in love than ever. . The two kiss and hug each other and the followers already dream of a beautiful love story.

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