Maria Mazza and Francesco Totti, the brutal background on the breakup: “… traumatized exit”

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The busty Doctor from Avanti un Altro reveals some background on the breakup. And about Ilary …

The beautiful Neapolitan Maria Mazzawho for some time we have seen impersonating the doctor in the pre-evening broadcast of Paolo Bonolis Forward anotherrevealed some details about Francesco Tottithe man of the moment.

Maria Mazza and Francesco

Born in 1975, the Mediterranean Maria is born in the United States but she grew up in the province of Naples, in Somma Vesuviana. Model, actress, someone will remember her in Fifties of the brothers Vanzina e Bewitched by the moon, in 1996 he took third place and the headband of Miss Elegance in the Miss Italy contest. For some years, as mentioned, it has been part of the Mini world of Avanti un Altro.

Totti and the breakup

Recently the beautiful Maria intervened on social networks regarding the Totti-Ilary breakup as many asked her for an opinion; that’s why she found herself writing: “It is useless for you to continue looking for me, I will not issue any statement on the subject of the moment”. But why was she asked?

Someone will remember the beginnings of the career of both, back in 2000, when the two were engaged for about two and a half years. Young and in love, their paths then separated and took different directions. He married Ilary and she found love with Amedeo Quagliatawith whom he had a daughter, Sveva.

But some time ago the woman was heard by virtue of the break with the former Roma captain, and said: “Nobody seems to be able to forget those two and a half years of long ago. In particular the Romanists, who for years have been linked to this dream, to this story. I remember that period with a smile, we were very young, we had fun, but obviously it wasn’t a great love, neither for me nor for him. And this I think has been seen over time. We have totally drifted apart. Today, then, we are two completely different people from then “.

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The comment on Ilary Blasi …

History archived, therefore, and the woman excludes a probable meeting with her ex: “I don’t think it will happen. Honestly, in my work, I have met everyone and have never had any problems. I have no grudge against her. And then I want to underline one thing: lpeople think I came out traumatized by the end of our story. I can assure you that our break was not wanted on one side only ”.

Maria Mazza- Solospettacolo

Finally, at the end of his explanation, he reveals that he has never even crossed paths with Blasy, not even behind the scenes: “Ilary Blasi? Never known“.

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