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Between the conductor Amadeus and his wife Giovanna Civitillo there is talk of betrayal: the situation is unforgivable.

No doubt, Amadeus and Giovanna they represent one of the most beautiful and long-lived couples in the world of entertainment. The two have been together for about twenty years and met right on the set, when he was leading the Legacy and she was a dancer on the show. It was 2003.

Amadeus –

At the time, he had already separated from hers first wife, Marisa De Martino, who does not work in front of the cameras like him. The two were married in the 90s and their love gave birth to a daughter, Alice. She was also present at the wedding Fiorello, who acted as a witness to the newlyweds. The two presenters, in fact, are not only colleagues but have been linked for years by a great and deep friendship. This friendship is well known to the public, who have been able to see it during the various editions of Sanremo that they led together.

The presenter is one of the best known in Italy. He started working in this field when he was very young and has never stopped. There are many programs he has worked on, mainly in Rai. One of the best known is The usual unknownwhich is always a huge success.

The public is really in love with Amadeus, but it’s not the only one. Comrade Giovanna is in love too, but then why did they talk about betrayal?

Amadeus and Giovanna, the betrayal is unforgivable

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo got married about ten years ago and their love gave birth to a son, José, in 2009. The two form a very close and close-knit couple, to the point that they share the same profile on Instagram.

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Just on Instagram some time ago they participated in a live with their colleague Paola Perego. Soon, the discussion turned to a difficult topic: the betrayal. His wife then asked him what he would do if she cheated on him with another man. “What would you do if I betrayed you? Would you like to know or not? “. The presenter replied without hesitation: “Since you’ve said it, it makes me nervous … I would find it out for myself! “.

Amadeus and Giovanna –

However, the partner is not far behind and replied: “With so much love and sorrow I would pack your bags and put them outside the door for you! “. Luckily there was no betrayal and we found that the two are as jealous as they are in love.

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