Ilary’s anger causes the captain to repent

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We knew this could be the defining week in the separation affair Totti-Blasidue to an important confrontation between the legal representatives of the parties aimed at understanding whether the conditions for an out-of-court settlement were still feasible.

Or if, instead, the way of the court – as it seemed – would have been the only possible one, with the worsening of the crisis and the decision with the interview given by the forever captain a Aldo Cazzulloon Corriere della Serato raise the bar. Ilary he hasn’t stalled, nor hesitated. But he entrusted his advocate to him, Alessandro Simeonehis words no longer resorting to Instagram except to offer scenes of ordinary everyday life.

Ilary in the center of Rome and at the beautician

A session at one of the reference beauty centers for the presenter of the Islandan evening with friends, a walk in the center of Rome with a lunch with one of her historical friends: Ilary does not give up on sharing, showing, almost exhibiting (think of the screen of “Who has seen” shown in the stories on Wednesday night) his new life of extraordinary normality.

After all, little has changed compared to what his audience of followers has had the opportunity to observe and know in less recent times, when apparently the crisis with Totti it was already underway and the first rumors about their relationship difficulties had leaked.

Totti returns to the field with his team

And Totti? Francisafter the full disclosure of his position in that interview that turned into a genre, he decided to take back the privacy he wanted to protect – in his own way – by relying on his team of lawyers and accountants, led by the trust Antonio Conte with the addition of the matrimonialista Annamaria Bernardini de Pacea famous figure for equally well-known divorces.

As for four years now, he will take part in the 8-a-side football championship with his team, that of Totti Sporting Cluband will give the maximum and that touch of inimitable genius that even at 46 he knows he can still give with plays from an authentic example of the game.

Source: IPA / ANSA

Scenes of ordinary normality

Scenes of ordinary normality, perfectly adhering to what i Mr and Mrs Totti they leaked about their life together before being overwhelmed by the separation that raised an inevitable uproar, with repercussions also on their three children who ended up in the spotlight despite both having promoted any possible initiative to avoid this media pressure.

The doubt of the forever captain

Perhaps also for this reason, Totti seems to have matured an afterthought with respect to the choice to reveal some details of this fracture with Ilary. Whatever it was or were the reasons and alleged strategies, according to what the week reports Todaythe former captain of Roma would be “Repentant” of his words, also because on that occasion he had spoken of the messages read on the phone of Ilaryof the Rolex that she would have stolen from her, of the empty safe deposit box, of how abandoned he felt when he left football and then at the moment of his father’s death.


And now Tottiunwilling to suffer this long wave, would like to avoid ending up in court and embark on a long legal battle with the Blasi which would have repercussions on his family, as well as on that of Noemi Bocchi, his new partner.

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Source: ANSA

Ilary Blasi’s reaction: his lawyer intervenes

From that interview onwards, a media tsunami of irrepressible proportions was unleashed and beyond the control of the former captain of the Rome: to Sunday In, Roberto D’Agostinofounder and mind of Dagospiahad revealed unpublished details on the matter of the Rolexes and the safety deposit box that prompted the lawyer of Ilary Blasi to intervene, requesting rectification a Fanpage who was the first to reply to his affirmations and expressing a sharp denial of that reconstruction made to Mara Venier.

The search for a new relaxation

In short, the climate is by no means relaxed and those contents that have raised the level of discussion on a high-tension level, as is undeniable, have certainly increased the distance between former spouses Totti and increased the risk of a tougher confrontation if the battle moves to the courtroom.

An eventuality that is not so remote and not at all pleasant, especially for the couple’s three children Cristian, Chanel (which now on Tik Tok is always under close observation) and the little one Isabelsix years.


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