“Excluded in the family for Elettra”

“Excluded in the family for Elettra”
“Excluded in the family for Elettra”
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It is always sad when relationships between brothers or sisters in a family are interrupted. Even more so if for futile and almost non-existent reasons. “It all started from nonsense”, how many times have we heard him say. If then to tell it is a public figure, and from a “high-ranking” family, as in the case of Geneva Lamborghini inside the Casa del GF Vip, it makes us aware of the fact that in every family, poor or rich, of red or blue blood, the dynamics are often – and sadly – the same.

Ginevra confessed, from her earliest days in the House, of no longer having relations with his younger sister Elettra from 2019. And the reasons are not even able to explain them. “It all started from bullshit”, precisely, but the result is that after three years the two sisters do not speak or see each other, Geneva did not even participate in the Electra’s wedding with Afrojack and, even more sadly, it was excluded from the most important family celebrations.

We have been having separate parties for three years: Christmas, birthdays … The bad thing is that I have often been the one excluded from the family.
Christmas 2021 was terrifying, because my mother asked me at 7pm on December 24th to leave because I was not welcome for dinner. I was very upset. “Please join us in three hours”, she told me, “Let’s have dinner with you later.
I went home, I took the presents but I did my own thing and came back after half an hour: everyone was there and no one was looking at me.
What then I would like to ask Electra: ‘What happened between us?’ We never really had a fight, it was a sudden and unmotivated breakup.
I think it is something that needs to be recovered in our distant past, when we were little and there were various dynamics in the family. My father always compared us a lot: she was the Tasmanian devil, I was his little princess, the perfect sissy. “Look instead you (to Elettra, ed) what a tomboy you are”, then he pointed out the extra pound … And she inevitably grew up with a competition towards me ..

Who knows if for once the GF will make a miracle, and instead of breaking relationships, as unfortunately often happens, he will recompose others.

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