it happened yesterday on live tv!

it happened yesterday on live tv!
it happened yesterday on live tv!
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Eleonora Daniele yesterday received a ‘slap’ in front of everyone. Federica Panicucci gave it to him. Let’s find out why.

Eleonora Daniele is one of the most talented presenters on the small screen. Every morning she delights us with her transmission of her Italian stories: a real window on what is happening in Italy and in the world from the point of view of news and current affairs. However, there is no shortage of important guests and invitations to showbiz characters. For example, just this morning there were the Poohs to remember Stefano D’Orazio who died a couple of years ago.

Equally talented is Federica Panicucci. Beautiful and sunny, she too always manages to grab a large chunk of the public every day, when her Morning 5. Both competent and charismatic … How did they end up in your hands? To find out, you just have to keep scrolling through our article.

Federica Panicucci, who ‘slaps’ Eleonora Daniele: all the details

Federica Panicucci yesterday morning went on the air with Mattino 5 as every day. The same goes for Eleonora Daniele who we saw on the small screen with Italian Stories. But if both were live at the same time, how could one have ‘slapped’ the other? Did Panicucci fall into Daniele’s studios? Certainly the answer is clear: no.

We know that there is an open war between Mediaset and Rai: authors and presenters fight every day to obtain the primacy of the much feared ‘share’. These are the television ratings that now reward one network, now the other. In the case of yesterday to suffer a slap by Federica Panicucci was Eleonora Daniele. This is a purely metaphorical slap in the face as neither of the two presenters raised their hands on the other. But why do we say so?


Well, as regards the share, Federica Panicucci sensationally beat Eleonora Daniele with these percentages. Mattino 5 obtained a share of over 22%, while Storie Italiane reached a maximum of 17%. In short, it is clear that a difference of 5% in share is not exactly small. Many viewers preferred the approach used by Federica to that used by Eleonora, therefore we can say that the second received a full blown slap from the first. Will it reverse the situation in the near future? Who can tell. On the other hand, both are on TV every day and the season is just starting.

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