Antonino Spinalbese unbuttons himself a little too much: “I hope that between Belen and Stefano …”

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The former hair-stylist is officially a competitor of Big Brother Vip; the reality show has just begun but secrets and confessions are already starting to emerge …

The Big Brother Vip has just begun and among the competitors we find the ex-partner of the beautiful Belén Rodriguez, Antonino Spinalbese; the two had a baby girl, Luna Marì but then their romance broke up she came back with Stefano De Martino.


According to what the famous said Social Investigatorthe woman once learned the news of Antonino’s participation in the reality show, she would have it cautioned from talking about her and their daughter. But it is difficult not to let yourself go to confidences when you have nothing to do 24 hours a day, and so the first rumors have already come out.

Antonino and Belén: the end of a love

During his presentation clip the boy talked about his life and his fatherhood without ever naming Belén: “The hairdressing world has brought me to a fateful encounter. We had a story of about two and a half years. Surely I had nothing to do with her life and obviously neither with mine. The stories end, but we tried to go further and to think exclusively of our daughter, Luna Marì, who is my anchor for everything and the positive side in everything ”.

Obviously the reference, and the omission of the name, were caught by the conductor who underlined: “I saw that you have never mentioned Belén, deliberately I think, but I take this opportunity because she is looking at us right now, we spoke yesterday. Hi Belén, a kiss! I think he will cheer for you ”.

Antonino’s response was once again consistent: “We greet my daughter more than anything else, I want to tell her that I love her”.


The words about Belén and Stefano

But if it was placed inside the most spied house in Italy the veto not to name the ex, this was not true Before of the entrance and in fact Antonino, just before entering, gave an interview to Who in which he stated: “I hope that between Belén and Stefano it will last forever, it is the best thing for our children. With Belén it was never a mistake, it was wanting to live what I liked, letting myself go ”.

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And he added a reflection: “I was prepared for it to end and I tried to defy the laws of nature and gravity, especially for my daughter. Then I realized that I would be able to be a better father even alone ”.

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