From Vite al Limite to fashion shows: she weighed 317 kg, today she is a beautiful model: incredible photos

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Christina Phillips was one of the absolute protagonists of Vite al Limite, the program broadcast on Real Time led by Dr. Nowzaradan. Her story was very popular, also because the result obtained from her food and television career was decidedly surprising.

Thanks to Vite al Limite a new chance for her

She landed in the most coveted clinic in America with a weight that exceeded 317 kilos and a dream in the drawer: to become a model. After months of proper nutrition, personalized diet, exercises and the constant support of the Nowzaradan team, the 25-year-old has managed to fulfill her greatest wish. In fact, today, thanks to the strongly desired change, you have radically changed your life.

What does Christina do today and how is she

Her health conditions, a consequence of her excessive weight, made her life complicated. For this reason, the young woman has decided to contact the famous dietician to undertake a decisive path of treatment. Her choice was wise: thanks to him she lost 250 kilos, thus reaching her weight, her ideal shape which allowed her to access the preparation for the final surgery. In fact, she underwent a gastric bypass and, following the operation, she again followed a suitable diet accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

With tenacity, determination and not a few difficulties, the young woman today is another person and has even managed to fulfill her dream: today in fact she works as a model and is a curvy model. She recently told her: “It’s amazing, now I can enjoy the little joys of existence and everything feels great to me. Before, I couldn’t even walk and today even going to the park or shopping alone makes me happy. Today I am a happy woman and I thank god for giving me a second chance“.

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