Amaurys Perez, the rending drama for a man: “The doctors said that …”

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The water polo champion is among the competitors of the new edition of Big Brother Vip; but few know the drama that touched his life.

The new edition of the Big Brother Vip has begun and among well-known, lesser-known and Vipponi faces who try again it was impossible not to notice the entrance to the statuary Amaurys Perez, which impressed women and men for its well-trained physique. The man, who we have already noticed in 2013 in the ninth edition of Dancing with the Stars and in 2018 toIsland of the Famous, is originally from Camaguey, Cuba, and is married with Angela Rende.

Amaurys Perez and his

The two have been together since 2006 and have three children: Christian Antonio, Gabriel and Daisy. But behind the smiles they show there is a drama, as they were able to tell during some interviews. Let’s see what it is.

Amaurys and Angela: united in pain

The couple appears very close and in love, a large and united family, but before reaching this tranquility, to fulfill their dream, Amaurys and Angela had to face a series of problems that caused them a lot of suffering.

The man in an interview some time ago, guest with his wife in the show Come to me he said: “We got married in 2006 and the first child arrived in 2010 when we were no longer hoping for it. In those four years we have done and tried everything. We have traveled the world to have a child. Doctors told us that we would not have made it, but we didn’t give up. In those four years we have done and tried everything to have a baby. We tried various inseminations, I practically became an expert gynecologist ”.

Before having the joy of a child, the two had to overcome 6 abortions, a trauma that we cannot even imagine. The story continues: “We had given up, we wanted to adopt and thus give a family to some abandoned children. But then Angela got pregnant “.

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After the pain, the greatest joy

Fortunately, after so much pain, Amaurys and Angela had 3 children. The woman concludes: “My greatest fortune was having met Amaurys. We are two pieces that fit together. In our differences because we are two opposites we are very similar “.

Amaurys and Angela on Instagram – Solospettacolo

And she confesses that at first she was not very convinced of this story: “QWhen I met him I thought ‘oh my how tall is he’ because in our family we are not very tall. And then I had some doubts because I thought he was the usual foreign player who came to Italy to play and that, after deceiving her, he would go away and instead it wasn’t like that. He is a wonderful person and I am happy to have him in our family ”.

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