Ilary Blasi goes shopping and Francesco Totti plays soccer

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September 22, 2022 10:41

She is a tourist for the center of the capital, he relaxes putting on his shoes

Fans were waiting to see Ilary Blasi pinched with a new love and Francesco Totti in the open with his Noemi Bocchi. Instead, after interviews and silence, the presenter and the Pupone disperse the cards showing themselves as if nothing had happened. She is intent on shopping around Rome (with a very designer maxi shirt and sneakers on her feet). Ilary Blasi takes selfies and shoots videos while she is surrounded by people, she walks around the capital regardless of what we read about her love story about her shipwrecked. He starts playing again to distract himself and to let off steam after the long chat with the press about betrayals or presumed such.

Is Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti’s new move to distract? The followers do not seem willing to give up a gossip like this and together with the paparazzi they are on the heels of the former couple. She films herself everywhere in a single version (visiting the Trevi Fountain as a tourist or having lunch with friends in a historic spaghetti shop) precisely to confuse those who would like her together with a new love. On the contrary, he never shows up so as not to be seen when he hangs out under Noemi Bocchi’s house. But in the end everyone wants to get their life back in hand and get back to some healthy normalcy. Who chooses the shopping and who the ball. Points of view only.


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