Tu si que vales in red light: Belen Rodriguez undresses Sabrina Ferilli: “You have two t * tt * ..”

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A tu si que vales, in the recent episode, the temperature has become hot, thanks to a sketch between Belen Rodriguez and Sabrina Ferilli.

Also Tu si que valesthe spectacle of talents, led by Belen Rodríguez, which sees a cast of exceptional judges, such as Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammucari with Sabrina Ferilli in the popular jury, it is back with its new edition, to delight fans in this late summer period.

Just the Roman actress together with the South American model, they were the protagonists of a “red light” moment during an improvised change of clothes.

An unsuitable look

It happens that some of the talents who arrive on the stage of Canale 5, have the pleasure of calling one of the judges to their side, to involve them in the performance. This is what happened in the episode on Saturday 17 September.

Two foreign dancers in fact, invited Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi on stage. Too bad the number was expected to be harnessed with ropesand unlike the wife of Maurizio Costanzo, who had an outfit consisting of jacket and trousers, Ferilli instead she sported a long pink evening dress. Inappropriate for what he was about to do. Reason why, in a hurry, the actress was asked to change clothes and to do even earlier, they brought her from the dressing room directly to the stage to allow her to proceed with the change of look.

The comments to Sabrina Ferilli by Belen Rodriguez

And from here comes the highlight, which will have sent the fans of the beautiful Roman actress into orbit. The latter enters the dressing room to change and at that point Belen also arrives and decides to give her a hand.

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In the meantime, the microphones remained on and all those present and the audience at home hear the two talking, with the presenter commenting in admiration: “He has two you ***, Sabrina …”But it doesn’t stop there. Always the wife of Stefano De Martino adds: “What a beautiful red thong … Sabrina is really a pretty sight”. And Ferilli in turn replies in Roman: “In all this, do I have a balcony or do I have to remain with the zizze de foro?”. Laughter breaks out in the studio.

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