Romina Power freezes at Verissimo Silvia Toffanin: “I didn’t expect it from you”

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Romina Power from Silvia Toffanin in the recent episode of Verissimo, opened her heart, telling a lot about herself and her life. But there is a question asked by the host that she did not like very much to her guest of hers.

There new edition of Verissimo started recently, and already with the first episodes catalyzed the attention of the Mediaset public. Among the guests of the September 18 there was Romina Power, famous artist and beloved by the Italian public since the beginning of his career. Her daughters too Cristel and Romina Jr.

The atmosphere created in the Canale 5 studio was the same as always, very warm and confidential, with a few hints of suspense and two or three twists, spring from the questions of the talented hostess.

Romina Power’s interview with Verissimo

Romina Power during the episode he talked a lot about himself, an open book that surely warmed the hearts of all its fans. Even the presence of her daughters, there with her, gave even more beauty to her words and the memories of her that brought back to her mind.

Like them lived in Puglia, the land of her ex-husband Albano, and even a little bit his own. Precisely on this topic, Romina Power paused to announce that she will soon return to live in Italy.

“I was going to make the list of regions and you anticipated and burned me on the answer. I have been in Puglia a long time of my life, more there than in California. You always go back to where you left your heart, now many have discovered it ”. These were the words of the singer.


The return from Albano?

After all, as is well known he was really very young when he met Albano, just 16 years old. And she was very young, after her marriage to the singer, she went to live, between one tour and another, given the couple’s work commitments, in Cellino San Marcothe country of Puglia, became famous all over the world just to be the town of Albano.

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Spontaneous and a little naughty was the question posed a moment later by Silvia Toffanin: “You come back because your ex is there”? Perhaps all the fans of the couple would have liked to ask him very gladly, but Romina jokingly he beat the host of Verissimo answering: “I did not expect this question from you, I come back because I am in love with the scents of Puglia, the woods and its beaches” – specified the artist. “I provoked you but you answered like a lady” – replied the presenter closing the question.

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