“Slobbering old man and I’ll tell you why!”

“Slobbering old man and I’ll tell you why!”
“Slobbering old man and I’ll tell you why!”
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In the night, Attilio Romita continued to shoot to zero after the heavy accusations against the British royals. Here are the strong accusations he made against Giucas Casella and the reason for these statements.

One of the first big revelations of this Big Brother Vip 7, is definitely Attilio Romita. The journalist entered on tiptoe but already in the first hours of his stay, he was very busy and some of his words are making the rounds of the main newspapers and news and gossip sites. The man took it out on the English Crown and spoke of a series of scandals that have never emerged until now.

Points of view so serious and delicate that they could cost him disqualification. No one had ever dared to pronounce such sentences, especially later on live television. We will see in this regard what will happen in the next episode of the reality show and how Alfonso Signorini, the authors and the whole company will decide to behave. In the meantime, however, the gieffino does not calm down and last night, he let himself go to a series of still very strong sentences concerning the famous magician and participant of the previous edition Giucas Casella. Here are the words of him and the reactions of those present.

Attilio Romita on Giucas Casella: “He stretched out his hands …”

In a conversation in the garden with his partner Sara Manfuso, Attilio Romita continued to shoot at zero during the night under the watchful eye of the big Brother Vip cameras. The two were just commenting on some of the events that characterized the last edition of the reality show. The subject in question is the Sicilian Giucas Casella who represented one of the strongest faces last year.

His sympathy and frankness have made him a much loved competitor by the public who has made it possible for him to come close to winning. The Rai journalist does not think the same way though. A real river in flood that has shot to zero criticizing some of its uneducated and somewhat annoying behaviors: “He was taking a shower with two beautiful girls who were shaking near him. A slimy, slobbering old man, desperately trying to grab some skin. A very bad thing!”. Strong words with which the columnist on the side agreed, giving him reason and following the same line of thought as him. Is there going to be a heated confrontation between the two? Certainly Giucas will not remain impassive in the face of certain statements.

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