why does diesel cost more than green? – Corriere.it

why does diesel cost more than green? – Corriere.it
why does diesel cost more than green? – Corriere.it
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Gasoline hit its lowest since October 2021 on the Italian network, with the self-service price on September 19 dropped below 1.7 euros per liter in the national average. Specifically, based on the processing of Quotidiano Energia, the average price charged for the green in self mode is € 1.696 per liter (compared to € 1.709 on Friday 16). But the figure is still conditioned by the cut on excise duty, extended until October 31 by the Aid bis decree, which impacts by 30.5 cents per liter. Net of the tax discount, therefore, gasoline has reached its lowest levels since 7 March 2022. The price of diesel fuel has also fallen, which remains higher than green, being sold on self-service on average at 1.809 euros per liter against 1.821 on Friday. 16.

Because diesel costs more than petrol

There are various factors that weigh on the trend that has been going on for months now. First of all, given its use in various sectors, diesel is most affected by international economic and political events. In fact, while gasoline is mainly used as a fuel for private cars, trucks, cargo and public transport vehicles, both urban and extra-urban, travel thanks to diesel, but diesel is also the resource with which many factories work at full capacity. So, less availability of diesel fuel worldwide and the parallel increase in the costs of raw materials and transport, caused a price increase already at the end of 2021. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, then, contributed to spreading international instability, pushing the price of diesel. that of the green.

A strategic vision is missing

There is little that can be done to reverse the trend in the short term, comments Alessandro Zavalloni, national secretary of Fegica petrol stations, according to whom even the proposal to cut VAT on fuels does not seem credible given that a broad consensus would be needed to carry out the maneuver first. at European level. The government has already intervened where it could by cutting excise duties, adds the trade unionist. Rather, the causes of the rise in the price of diesel are to be found in having neglected a sector that for years was considered secondary. – Zavalloni denounces that specifies – We have gone from refining raw materials to export them, to being mere importers of finished products.

The prospects

The lack of an adequate industrial network forces us to import most of the diesel from Russia (60% of the total), immediately followed by the United States, the Middle East and India, all producing countries that have decided to increase stocks, adds the representative of the distributors before concluding: The situation is particularly serious because at the moment we are at the mercy of the market. Until we organize an efficient industrial system, even with European agreements, diesel prices are destined to remain above average.

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