Subaru Crosstrek 2023: goodbye XV, the Japanese crossover is renewed

Subaru Crosstrek 2023: goodbye XV, the Japanese crossover is renewed
Subaru Crosstrek 2023: goodbye XV, the Japanese crossover is renewed
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The third generation of the Japanese crossover evolves from the initials “Crosstrek”, destined to replace “XV” in all markets from 2023

Alessandro Pinto

September 17

Goodbye XV, welcome Subaru Crosstrek. Just presented in Japan, the third generation of the crossover with the Pleiades logo changes its name and evolves the traits of a design that continues to convey an idea of ​​solid versatility. It will arrive on the European market in 2023, leaving unchanged the typical scheme of the house which includes a boxer engine (now electrified) and symmetrical all-wheel drive. The prices have not been communicated, even if it is reasonable to expect an upward adjustment compared to the current price list of the XV.

subaru crosstrek: features

Above all, the front has changed, stylistically more aggressive with thinner-cut LED headlights and a new front grille. The redesigned bumper also features brand new black plastic protections that enhance the crossover look by incorporating the fog lights. They combine chromatically with the showy wheel arches, which are more generous in size than those seen on the XV. The rear, on the other hand, recalls the style of the Subaru Outback in the headlights and in the more pronounced bumper. Without changes compared to the recent past, the interiors change with the adoption of the new 11.6-inch touchscreen of the infotainment system, in a dashboard cleaned by many physical buttons. Other new features include the redesigned air intakes, door panels and aluminum pedals.

engine and adas


Subaru says the new Crosstrek will be available with a 2.0-liter e-Boxer hybrid engine, again paired with a continuously variable transmission. At the moment it is not clear whether the 4-cylinder boxer is capable of delivering more power than the current 154 hp and 194 Nm of torque. Subaru’s hybrid powertrain consists of the aforementioned thermal engine and electric motor which brings an additional dowry of 16.7 horsepower and 66 Nm of torque. The latter has been integrated into the Lineartronic gearbox, a CVT transmission with the ability to simulate seven fixed ratios. The engine has been optimized for this type of transmission, which by virtue of the continuous variation does not present the jolts deriving from the detachment and reattachment of the clutch, but tends to return thatscooter effect typical of Cvt. Thanks to the electric motor integrated with the gearbox, the behavior of the Symmetrical Awd all-wheel drive has not changed precisely to preserve the 4×4 characteristics that have made the Japanese brand famous. In terms of safety, another flagship of Subaru technology, the new Crosstrek will be able to count on the latest evolution of the EyeSight driving assistance package, integrated with a 360-degree camera, a wide angle, LED directional lights and braking. improved emergency.

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September 17, 2022 – 4:25 pm


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