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There are several ways to save on home rent even if you cannot access contributions, bonuses or even the various tax deductions.

In managing the family budget, it is always necessary to evaluate how much the cost of rent and possibly think about a change of residence if you can live well even in a smaller house at a reduced price.

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They are many for the people who for save on rentthen, they decide to share the spaces of the house with other people, in the event that there are unused rooms. One of the most popular ways to save on rent, however, is to request a change of contract from the homeowner. These are the main types of lease agreements that can be stipulated:

  • free of charge,
  • at an agreed fee,
  • at an agreed fee,
  • for temporary rent,
  • to university students.

How does the transitional contract work? The duration of this type of lease ranges from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 18 months. A solution available if justified by particular needs that can be documented, such as mobility due to the profession or any study or training needs that require the search for a temporary home in which to live for the necessary time. In this case, the rent is calculated only on the basis of the actual use of the property.

How to navigate between the various types of contracts to save on rent

As for the other types of contract, the savings derive above all from tax deductions: with the agreed rent contract you can get a 10% reduction by applying the flat rate tax, or 30 percent with the ordinary IRPEF taxation. The agreed contract turns out to be the best in terms of taxationbut in this case the price is fixed by the territorial agreement of reference for your municipality of residence and could also be very expensive.

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There is also the possibility of the single fee, that type of contract that also includes the cost of electricity, gas and water users and the condominium expense within the rent. In recent times this type of contract has not been particularly convenient for the case owner, given the general situation of the expensive bills. It is then necessary to consider whether the house belongs to a high energy class and whether the heating is autonomous or condominium: in the second case there are specific time slots in which to use the service and you do not have the control of switching on and off to reduce any consumption.

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