Energy from mud, Acque Bresciane launches the startup for green projects

Energy from mud, Acque Bresciane launches the startup for green projects
Energy from mud, Acque Bresciane launches the startup for green projects
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There are still some formal steps to complete. Some municipalities have already given the green light, the Province will do so in the council of 3 October. Then, once he got the ok from his partners, Brescia waters will be able to create a newco dedicated to innovative projects on the water cycle: production of renewable energy, green activities for the purification or recovery of losses from aqueducts.

A plan that speaks of innovation already in the form of financing: resources, up to 8 million euroswill in fact be collected through a dedicated website, will contribute to making sustainable investments and will guarantee those who invest an economic return for now assumed to be 4% (but the accounts will be done later).

Who will be able to invest? And how is the mechanism

Whoever. Citizens, associations, companies, public bodies. The objective is to involve the territory in the implementation of projects already present in the Industrial Plan of Acque Bresciane that they turn users into investors.

There new company (newco) it will be wholly owned by Acque Bresciane which will exclusively manage a digital platform intended to collect “financial resources from users”, states the resolution of the Province. Resources “exclusively intended for the realization of investments relating to water infrastructures or functional to the service itself”. The aim of this project is “on the one hand to find a diversified Source of financing for the planned investments”; “On the other hand, the possibility of involving the users themselves, with a financial return, in the development and modernization of the network”. The Province, a member with 2.24% of Acque Bresciane, is ready to put 50 thousand euros.

Unlike the more well-known “crowdfunding”, the crowdlending it is not a collection of risk capital but a real loan: those who “lend” money do so at a more or less high interest rate sharing the objective of “carrying out a project”.

The idea of ​​Acque Bresciane is to give life to a start-up whose break even is set at a placement of 8 million euros. The time horizon to complete the collection is assumed in three years. A minimum (one thousand euros) and a maximum ceiling will be set, yet to be defined. The collection will take place through an online platform managed directly, so as to reduce commission costs.

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The projects

With the yes of the majority of shareholders, as required by the Consolidated Law on investee companies, it will be possible to enter the operational phase. The project will be made known and the startup could be born in 2023. But what projects will it finance? The two keywords are innovation and sustainability.

We will move inside this enclosure. For now the hypotheses (but they will have to be verified and confirmed) foresee two strands. The first is the production of energy from renewable sourcesin particular the bio-dryer for purification sludge that is being built in Rovato e photovoltaic systems for the production of electricity. The second focuses on technology: the newco could in fact finance the purchase of laboratory instruments and projects to identify new purification methods. We will see.

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