Double petrol bonus, it’s official: it will expire in a few days

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Gasoline bonuses double. The application can be made during the current month. Let’s see what it is.

Double petrol bonus –

Italians, more or less, are finding it difficult to put fuel in their cars. This is why the topic of petrol bonuses is particularly hot.

Two new bonuses from the government

Due to the war in Ukraine and beyond, gasoline prices have skyrocketed. Here because, many Italiansare in difficulty to fill up their car. Who produces oilin fact, it has decided to decrease the quantities of oil produced. Not only. On the scenario have intervened, to worsen the situation, the international speculators. Indeed, they are keeping the prices of diesel, gasoline and various other raw materials high in terms of energy.

Not only those who have to buy gasoline to be able to walk with their cars. Also the gas stations they are in clear difficulty and, to avoid closing the shop, they are asking for concrete state aid. To cope with this difficulty, the Government has thought of petrol bonuses.

How to claim bonuses

The first petrol bonus can be requested from the beginning of this week, that is September 12, by accessing the appropriate platform. The transport bonus and the cut in excise duties also appear on the scenario. To these measures is added another bonus which, this time, is reserved for workers and is equivalent to 200 euros.

petrol bonus –

Going in order, we will see that the first petrol bonus was introduced by the named decree Ukraine Bis entered into force on May 20 last. The bonus is paid out by the employer directly in the pay slip.


The 200 euros received are exempt from the declaration as they do not constitute income. The amount, therefore, will arrive net in the pay slip, without being taxed. Therefore, private employees benefit from it, without income limits. A little breath of fresh air when you consider the price increases.

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The second bonus, on the other hand, can be requested from September 12 for 30 days and it was foreseen byCustoms agency. Companies that deal with road haulage can apply for it.

petrol bonus
petrol bonus –

The bonus is disbursed in the form of a 28% tax credit and will cover all expenses incurred during the first three months of 2022. For this reason, the bonus corresponds to a reimbursement of fuel expenses. Also in this case, the request can be made through the dedicated platform. Inside it can be accessed with SPID or if you do not have it, through an electronic identity card.

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