price stall and sales do not take off –

price stall and sales do not take off –
price stall and sales do not take off –
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Hazelnut harvest season practically over but the selling price is not yet known. 7 Euro return point (shell + fruit): this is the price proposal according to the shellers on which we have not yet agreed, even after the Castagnole Fair. The actors are always the same: shellers, cooperatives, producers and industrialists. It is hoped to understand something more after the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo, scheduled for September 19, in which the quantities purchased will be attested, in order to reach a definitive economic value for a year in which the quantity is low but the high quality.

A starting price for now not high but suitable for a market that has not yet taken off, the processors let the producers know who have started to sell anyway. An analysis that the cooperative associations of the category do not like.

“The final price, however, has not yet been decided – he declares Aldo Gavuzzo, vice president of Asco Piemonte – and it is hoped to reach a mediation between the price proposed by the shellers and what we propose in favor of the producers. For example, last year we started from 8 Euros to reach 11.50 Euros the yield point, a price considered a little high and which created difficulties for the downward competition of other hazelnuts of Italian origin that travel on 2 or 3 Euros less.
The current situation is the following: now we travel on about 8.60 Euros per point yield on a year in which there is little quantity and the processing has undergone a 30% increase in costs. The shellers, in the person of Piergiorgio Mollea, let it be known that they are proposing a 7 Euro return point, a price linked to business with industries that, beyond a certain price, make it difficult to buy large quantities.
At the Fiera di Castagnole Lanze the agreement was not found, and now there is a stalemate because we, like our colleagues at Asprocor, do not consider the 7 Euro point yield to be sufficient, and we will make our price which will be discussed on 19 September in Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo, to relate it to the proposal of the shellers and find the right media.

Let’s say that a minimum price must be obtained that protects the producers and is balanced to sell the product which, let’s never forget, is of quality and is superior to the Turkish or that grown in other parts of Italy, for the excellent use that if makes it. We do not have to relate to hazelnuts that are sold for 2 or 3 euros less per return point. If we look at this, the 12 quintals / hectare of production, compared to the average of 20 quintals / hectare a few years ago, are not enough to work with a minimum margin. You can’t work at a loss, you need common sense on the part of the actors of this great world of hazelnuts “.

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