attention, you miss the deadline and with these car models you pay very little (and you have a discount)

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The car tax is always a sting but regarding the tax it must be emphasized that some cars pay very little and other cars do not pay it at all.

But again with regard to the stamp, it is important to highlight that many Italians actually pay it on a wrong date and this can really be a problem.


So let’s try to understand how to choose a car model that pays very little tax, but also how to remember the correct date of your car tax.

Many Italians miss the deadline, according to the polls

First of all we must remember that the car tax it does not have a single deadline for all of Italy but which varies according to the individual car.


In fact, each car pays the road tax based on the month of registration. To be more precise, the expiry of the stamp is the last day of the following month to that of registration of the car. However, there is a very simple trick to not forget the car tax and also have a rich discount 20% on this tax. In fact, it is enough to pay the car tax with domiciliation on the bank or postal current account to get a 20% discount on this tax.


Exemptions and low road tax: which car to choose

It will be a way not to run the risk of forgetting it. But there are also cars that pay very little car tax and there are also those that are completely exempt. Those completely exempt from car tax are electric cars, vintage cars and even cars covered by law 104. Cars covered by law 104 means that they are cars used for transport of people with disabilities and who are therefore legally exempt from the tax. But let’s see how to choose a car that pays very little for this tax.

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The models and the threshold to save

First of all it should be emphasized that to keep the car tax within 150 euros just be careful to choose a car with a power within 79 hp which corresponds to 58 kW. But what are the models that allow this nice saving? We point out some of them, even if obviously the list would be long. Dacia Sandero 1.0 is a car that makes you pay 126.42 euros every year by way of stamp duty. Another economical car from the point of view of the road tax is Hyundai i10 1.0, in this case the road tax will cost only 126.42 EUR. Another car that is really accessible from the point of view of the car tax is Renault Clio SCe: this time the tax will cost only € 126.42 per year.

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