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A widely consumed product not to be consumed after the recall of the Ministry of Health. It was removed from all supermarkets. Let’s see what the brand and the lot is.

Food recall from the

The experts from the Ministry of Health I am always at work to ensure that there is no distribution of unsuitable products, which if consumed can cause many problems for the human being. In recent days, many food products have been recalled, some of which for a wrong label and others for the possible risk of bacteria.

A new report led to the alert for consumers of this product and the recall by the supermarkets that sell it.

Ministry of Health, how are the checks carried out?

It is a painstaking work that the experts of Ministry of Health called to control food products – and not only – so that they are not harmful to humans. When the alarm goes off and withdrawal, in most cases it is a prevention by chance of one certain consequence.


In other cases, as anticipated, you might have one wrong label which does not report some ingredients or the presence of additional ingredients that could create allergies or diseases of various kinds. The checks are carried out on a random basis or following a report, taking into account that it is a continuous process.

Bacteria risk control
Bacteria risk control –

Recall of the Ministry, product and batch withdrawn from supermarkets

On the website of the Ministry of Health, a new food recall has been published, with the withdrawal with date September 9, 2022 even if on the notice the date is that of the controls or 8 September 2002. The news was reported in these hours by most of the national media, inviting consumers to pay attention and not to consume the product.

The withdrawal from trading is for the lottery Anchovy Fillets in Sipa Olive Oil for chemical risk. The exact name that identifies the product is:

  • Anchovy fillets in olive oil – Sipa brand – OSA company marketed for Zarotti Spa (headquarters via Nuova di Coloreto 15, Parma).

The product is of 140 grams with identification mark of the plant AL 28 PP. The name of the manufacturer is Poseidon shpk factory in Shengjin Albania in Lehze province.

Food recall from the ministry
Food recall from the ministry –

The recalled lot is PA137 with expiry date on November 17, 2023.

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Reason for the recall

There reason for the recall it is a chemical risk, that is a level of histamine that exceeds the limits as per current Italian law. Nothing is specified in the part relating to the warnings, but the advice is not to consume the product at all if present at home.

What to do in these cases? Anyone who has purchased the product must immediately contact the supermarket of trust, to get details on the matter and understand how to proceed. In any case, the product must not be consumed.

Food recall of the ministry of health
Food recall of the ministry of

Histamine intoxication: what are the consequences?

Histamine intoxication it should not be underestimated, because it is frequent. It is caused by foods, such as fish, which contain high amounts of the substance.

The latter is a nitrogen compound that is produced by the body, essential for gastric secretion processes or to counteract inflammation. If in excessive dosesits action is contrary and causes allergic reactions.

Between symptoms encountered there may be redness, skin rash, gastrointestinal upset up to vomiting and nausea.

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