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Lancia Ypsilon, from city car to eBike: the new electric bikes

Lancia Ypsilon, from city car to eBike: the new electric bikes
Lancia Ypsilon, from city car to eBike: the new electric bikes
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Lancia has created, together with the Platum brand – licensee and commercial partner – four new electric bicycles to offer a complete elegant and sustainable urban mobility solution. The eBikes branded with the Lancia brand are aimed at both male and female audiences: Lancia Ypsilon Brio and Lancia Ypsilon Incanto are dedicated to a female target, Lancia Estro and Lancia Genio to a male target.

The four bicycle models are able to tell the union of two brands with shared values of Italian style, elegance, attention to sustainability, attention to detail and a style that is always contemporary. The undisputed leader of the B segment in Italy and the second best-selling car on the market, the Lancia Ypsilon boasts four generations, more than 3 million units sold and even 36 special series.

Lancia Ypsilon and the new electric bikes

Lancia Ypsilon, as we all know it, has always been one of the most loved city cars in the B segment by Italian women from generation to generation. Today, thanks to the hybrid engine, it is even more agile in everyday travel and in urban centers, in fact it allows entry into the city, for sustainable mobility. One of the new Platum e-bikes branded with the Lancia brand can be conveniently stored in its trunkthus creating the perfect combination for increasingly sustainable and innovative mobility for future generations.

How the new Lancia eBikes are made

The four e-bikes are equipped with a brake lever with an engine cut-off sensor, which improves the performance of the braking system. The management of the main functions, including switching on, the operation of the lights and the selection between three levels of assistance, takes place via the waterproof LED display.

Let’s start with the first model, Lancia Ypsilon Brio. This is the folding e-bike dedicated to people who want a light and agile way to get around the city. The aluminum frame folds up and, together with the small size of the wheels (20 ” x 2,125 ”), is a feature that allows you to easily transport the e-bike on public and private transport. The 250W Bafang brushless rear motor and the 36V 7.8Ah 281Wh battery allow you to reach 60 kilometers of autonomy and a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The bike bag included as standard protects the eBike during transport.

It is the turn of the Lancia Ypsilon Incanto and the Lancia Estro, which reflect the classic style of women’s and men’s bikes, with iconic and timeless lines, re-proposing it in a new electric version. The bikes are equipped with a 36V 250W Bafang motor and a 36V 10.4Ah 374Wh battery, to travel up to 70 km on a single charge. The wheels are larger, respectively 26 ” x 1.75 ” and 700 x 38c, and give the vehicle stability and agility. The manufacturer has chosen excellent suspension mounted on the front fork, able to cushion the unevenness of the ground, offering greater comfort.


The 7-speed SHIMANO gearbox grants optimal management of the e-bike. As a gift with the Incanto model, the customer receives the front basket, with Estro instead of the comfortable rear side bags.

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Finally, there is the new Lancia Genio, a trekking e-bike designed to move in and out of cities, thanks to wider wheels (27.5 “x 2.1) that are also suitable for use on dirt roads. It is equipped with a 7-speed SHIMANO gearbox, 36V 250W Bafang engine and a 36V 10.4Ah 374Wh battery, which ensures up to 70 km of autonomy with one charge. The front fork is cushioned to ensure greater comfort in the event of an uneven road surface.

Prices? The Lancia Ypsilon Brio Platum is available from € 1,049, the Lancia Ypsilon Incanto Platum and the Lancia Estro Platum from € 1,249 and the Lancia Genio Platum from € 1,499.


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