Sustainable, inclusive and safe, the toy of the future – Ultima Ora

Sustainable, inclusive and safe, the toy of the future – Ultima Ora
Sustainable, inclusive and safe, the toy of the future – Ultima Ora
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(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 14 – Sustainable, inclusive, safe. And for all ages. It is the identikit of the game of the future, the one required by an increasingly aware public, which, at least in the coming months, will have to deal with the high prices, but which is also the “son” of Greta Thunberg’s generation and who in time pandemic seems to have “rediscovered” the value of “playing”. The ANSA Incontra event, organized by the Agenzia Cultura e Spettacoli editorial staff, on the occasion of Assogiocattoli’s Digital Press Day 2022 and broadcast live on, on 14 September at 12, tells the story.

“Despite the difficulties, the toy market in Italy closed 2021 with a positive sign. And the first half of 2022, from January to June, we still record a + 1.7%”, says Maurizio Cutrino, director of Assogiocattoli, association which for 80 years has represented almost all the companies operating in the sector. Well, he says, also “the world of early childhood, which despite the dramatic decline in births, has a positive sign: + 1.5%”. Now the season of the big bet is opening, with the resumption in full of schools and therefore of parties and birthdays, Halloween and a calendar of holidays that will culminate in the classic letter from Santa Claus.

“We’ll see – says Cutrino – But even in the face of high prices, I believe that families will not give up on giving a smile. Last year we closed with a + 10% and also for 2022 we expect the market to close with data. positive “.

At the forum table some of the “big names” in the sector, such as Corrado Colombo, Chicco Artsana’s vice president of Southern Europe and Amazon Europe sales; Giovanni Clementoni, CEO of the homonymous company; Davide Neri, Marketing Country Lead Italy of Hasbro Italy.

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Genesio Rocca vice president of Gemar Balloons, Dino Canuti General manager Italy and Greece of Spin Master Italy and Marcello Parma, sales director of Venturelli also spoke.


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