Dr 6.0, the flagship that loves open spaces – The Test by ANSA Motori

Dr 6.0, the flagship that loves open spaces – The Test by ANSA Motori
Dr 6.0, the flagship that loves open spaces – The Test by ANSA Motori
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Presented only a few months ago, the new DR 6.0 is the flagship of the Molise group which, with its various models, is becoming increasingly popular on the market.
DR 6.0 is a voyager suv of important dimensions and characterized by a rich standard equipment, and in a single set-up as is in the philosophy of the House.
ANSA Motori has extensively tested this car, which represents a further step forward for the brand. 4.5 meters long by 1.70 high, DR 6.0 stands out for its front dominated by the large hexagonal grille enclosed between the two sharp headlights and the gems of the fog lights. The nose is powerful, with two large veins that open towards the windshield. The sides are designed at the waistline and at the door sill by two reliefs that highlight the large glazed surface. The rear, illuminated by an LED strip, has the distinctive recess in the lower part of the automatic tailgate, while the slightly sloping rear window is surmounted by the spoiler. The glass roof is also standard. 19-inch alloy wheels.

On board, of course, there is no shortage of space: it is a car born above all to travel. In the rear seats there are more than three adults comfortably, and the trunk, of regular shape and protected by a retractable curtain, has a capacity of 670 liters, which becomes 1,700 with the sofa folded down.
The driver’s seat, electronically adjustable, is high, and the dashboard instruments are within easy reach. The 12.3 “infotainment is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but not wirelessly. In the lower part of the dashboard, a digital screen for the two-way automatic climate control. On the central tunnel, typically divided into two levels, there is space for wireless charging of smartphones while two USB sockets are accessible in the lower space.Under the central armrest a large storage compartment with movable bulkheads and a two-seater cup holder.
Passive safety has been developed, with the frame which, thanks to 6D-BODY technology, is now capable of effectively absorbing the load from a frontal impact and uniformly dispersing the energy of the side impact, improving overall performance in the event of an accident. Most of the most modern driving assistance technologies are absent, with the exception of cruise control (not adaptive).
The engine is the classic 1.5 Acteco which in the petrol / LPG bifuel version like that of the car under test delivers 149 Hp for a maximum speed of 186 km / h. The 68-liter gas tank is located in the compartment under the boot floor. The autonomy of over 1,200 km, between LPG and petrol is not negligible. The gearbox is automatic, 9-speed: extremely comfortable, it is particularly suitable for a not particularly aggressive gait even when we switch from eco to sport mode. If you accelerate decisively, the ratios drop quickly and the impact on consumption is significant. Under prudent driving conditions, consumption is around 10 l / 100 km on LPG and 6 l / 100 km on petrol.
On the road, the Dr 6.0 behaves like a kilometer eater: comfortable on board, silent, it only betrays some negligible rustle at very high speeds. Easily maneuverable even on mountain and country roads, it tackles any type of road with ease. When starting uphill, the HHC system automatically prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards for 2 seconds after releasing the brake pedal. The HDC system is also comfortable, keeping speed constant on steep descents. The 360-degree camera system is completely reliable, and the 3D graphics that appear in the event of a turn or when the vehicle is in the process of parking is certainly helpful.
As far as costs are concerned, this model also follows the Dr philosophy of cars at the right price: 31 thousand 400 euros for the LPG version, 1,500 less for petrol.

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