rush to IKEA cheap solar panels and the portable one arrives, 2 HOURS and it’s loaded

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Comfy and cheap solar panels that drive Italians crazy. The fact is that the sting of the bills in September and October is really strong.

Italians can finally say goodbye to the hated bill also because it will be precisely the electricity and gas bills that risk putting many families in difficulty.

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It is estimated that even 9 million Italians they will end up in energy poverty due to the terrible bills.

Super-cheap solar panels make you say goodbye to your bill

Putin has closed the gas taps and speculators are maneuvering to keep the costs of all energy raw materials very high and therefore the upcoming bills will be a real sting for Italian families.


That’s why families are turning to IKEA’s cheap solar panels and brand new portable solar panels that are cheap and recharge in two hours. Let’s start with the IKEA proposal. Ikea is a large multinational of economic furniture and is present in many countries. But in addition to selling furniture, Ikea also offers just panels at a really low price already sells in 11 countries of the world. Let’s see why they are convenient.

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IKEA solar panels cost very little

Just go to IKEA and get a quote. In fact, those who will make the estimate will have to keep in mind various data on the house but above all on the number of family members and therefore on how much electricity the family actually needs. So doing this quote yes will easily understand which kit is best suited to the family and which one to take. However, they are basically all within € 3000 and you also benefit from the state discount directly on the invoice. But the other proposal is perhaps even more practical and convenient. These are portable and very advantageous solar panels that are becoming popular among Italians.

Portable solar panels

Is called Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and buy it online. This instrument weighs 11 kilos and takes up the space of a portable fridge. In fact, the nice thing about this tool is that it can be used both to produce energy at home and also in the camper or wherever you want. Who bought it he seems to be very happy with the practicality but also with the energy generated. This device that can be easily taken to a second home when needed costs 4000 euros.

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