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Bills, with these precautions you can really save

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From next autumn, bill prices will skyrocket: here are some ways to avoid the sting

The Draghi government has already put it on the plate nearly 50 billion to cope with the energy crisis and the rising cost of electricity, gas and water bills. It seems that the worst is yet to come and the forecasts are really pessimistic ahead of next autumn. This is why the citizen must think about how to manage it alone and save independently.

Only by changing the uses and consumption to which you are accustomed, it is possible to save 10% which would certainly be convenient. Gilberto Dialucepresident of Enea, explained that the country needs a national campaign to reduce consumption, at a time when it is fundamental “Cut waste by adopting a more conscious consumption of electricity and gas”.

Bills, all the tips to reduce costs

This is also due to the fact that we are increasingly moving towards a future of ecological transition. But let’s see in detail how it is possible to block the expensive energy. Dialuce affirmed al Corriere della Sera that this can be done “By lowering the temperatures of the radiators by just one degree, from 20 ° to 19 ° during the winter, reducing its use by one hour a day and shortening the heating period for two weeks “.


Another solution concerns the consumption ofwater, which can be reduced by making our showers last at least two minutes less and by reducing the temperature by at least three degrees. Another Source of consumption that raises the costs in the bill is then given by the use of domestic appliancestherefore washing machines and dishwashers, which should now be used exclusively at full load to reduce the number of washes.

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It would also be useful to disconnect the power from the TV he was born in decoder when these should not be used, and then perhaps replace the natural gas boilers with heat pumps.

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