The Uno Turbo? Obsolete: here is the fastest Fiat Uno in the world

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It is no coincidence that such a car ended up in the hands of the police after a raid: driving it should be a crime not only for the modifications it has undergone but also for how dangerous it is for the driver …

Designed by Giugiaro and built in just over 50,000 units, the One Turbo it is an instant classic that continues to make the hearts of older collectors beat faster. This version is unedited. But very dangerous.

Fiat Uno Turbo, the classic does not beat (Canva)

We need a bigger hood

Hot hatches, as they call small cars modified to run more in English-speaking countries, are among the funniest cars that a “normal” person without the manager’s salary it takes to get a real supercar they can drive. Among the most famous HHs ever produced in Italy, a land where this tradition is an art, there is certainly a much loved small car.

We are talking about the 1985 Fiat Uno Turbo, a car as exciting as it is economical but also capable of showing its fangs to larger cars. Thank you at its low weight and to an engine that on the more powerful versions even produced 116 horsepower, the Uno Turbo was among the first upgraded utility cars to mount the Garrett compressor which is still widely used today in the wildest tuning.

The Uno Turbo ran a lot but it was certainly not a super car: his 0-100 achieved in about 7 seconds is more than fair for a car of that size and the vehicle was fun to drive. But it was still a small car. And a Uno has limits: or maybe not?

A feared gang

The fastest – and scariest – Fiat Uno in the world has been kidnapped by the police during an important operation that certainly did not aim to break an automotive record. In fact, the car you are about to meet belonged to organized crime and not just any gang.


The white Uno in the photo – and in the video – was requisitioned by agents in 2014 after an operation against the Casalesi clan, a well-known family linked to the Camorra, conducted in an apparently innocent workshop in Casapesenna, a municipality in Caserta. The agents suspected that some affiliates were putting on an illegal racing circuit. And they were right.

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One thing must be said: they know their stuff in terms of engines (YouTube)

The car was fitted with a 105 horsepower 1.6 engine extracted from the hood of a Fiat Bravo of the time: appropriately modified, this engine – according to the agents – could theoretically push the car up to 300 kilometers per hour. Obviously, due to obvious structural limitations, the car would never have reached that speed, disintegrating or going off the road much earlier. The car should still be in the hands of the agents: who knows if they tried to take it for a ride?

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