Copan record, 2 billion swabs since the beginning of the pandemic

Copan record, 2 billion swabs since the beginning of the pandemic
Copan record, 2 billion swabs since the beginning of the pandemic
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The pandemic was not enough to arrest Copan Italia, who accomplices him excellent business results keep investing. At home as well as across the border. Despite the unpredictable scenario caused by Covid 19, 2021 was a very positive year for the Brescia-based company which, behind a turnover of 395 million euros, has placed an industrial strategy on a global scale and investments aimed at development. sustainable.

The tests

Since the beginning of the health emergency, the Group has produced over two billion tampons, a volume such that it can test, at least once, more than a quarter of the world population. Thanks to these products, to the automations for microbiology laboratories, and to an industrial strategy on a global scale, the group has contributed to the fight against Covid 19 in a timely manner, achieving excellent results also from an economic point of view.

The president of the Copan group, Stefania Triva – ©

In 2021, the turnover generated by Copan was 395 million euros, up by 29.76% compared to the previous year. Against a gross operating margin of 173.58 million (equal to 42.8% of revenues), the net result reached 112 million, while the net invested capital reached 254.6 million, with the net financial position which increased from 74.5 million to 137.7 million.


“We have achieved these results thanks to the ability to expand volumes to meet demand, not through an increase in market prices, which we have considered ethically incorrect since the beginning of the pandemic,” comments the president. Stefania Trivafor which the results were by no means taken for granted, but rather turned out to be preparatory to a period in which «the endemization of the pandemic, unprecedented market equilibrium, raw material and energy costs will impact the company balance sheet.


To address these critical issues and mitigate the negative effects of the global supply chain crisis, Copan has made investments aimed at increasing its production capacity in proximity to foreign markets, expanding production sites in the United States and Asia Pacific. An approach that the Group CEO summarizes in the management report for the 2021 budget “think global and act local“. “Tackling the logistical aspects of our business in the best possible way is only one of the advantages that this expansion has brought – he continues – with these investments we have made our company even more sustainable, just think of the tons of CO2 saved by locating part of the production closer to the market. of destination “.

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New site in Vietnam

Sustainability: this is therefore the key word on which Copan bases the two-year period 2022/2023. The group’s current key project strategy is indeed a new production center in Vietnamwhose inauguration is scheduled for the end of 2023: a site of more than 20 thousand square meters strongly characterized by production flexibility, which will support the Shanghai hub in the management of the Asia-Pacific market.

On the Brescia area, on the other hand, Copan focuses on the town of Castel Mella, where the transformation of an area already used for industrial purposes will give life to a production center equipped with a fully automated warehouse, with interior and exterior spaces redesigned in order to improve the quality of life inside and outside the company, also passing through a conversion to renewable energy and efficiency. “From the environment to the person – concludes Triva -, the drive towards sustainability is a team effort”.

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