Australia, nearly 200 kg of drugs discovered in a Bentley S2

Australia, nearly 200 kg of drugs discovered in a Bentley S2
Australia, nearly 200 kg of drugs discovered in a Bentley S2
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Illicit drug trade is an extremely profitable business pushes traffickers to always come up with new solutions, and very often to the limits of the absurd, to be able to transport their goods while escaping police checks. Especially in countries like Australia, where customs controls are more meticulous than ever. It was in Sydney that a trafficker tried to smuggle large quantities of drugs into Australian territory. using a precious 1960 Bentley S2 as a “Trojan horse”. Certainly an original idea but it was not enough to deceive the customs officers of Port Botany, who seized the substances and arrested the owner of the car.

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Narcotics for over 100 million in the Bentley

Anyone who has ever seen one of the television shows dedicated to security services in Australian ports and airports, knows how strict and accurate the controls on people and goods can be which is released into the country. A meticulousness that has allowed the Australian law enforcement agencies to be able to discover, cleverly hidden in an old 1960 Bentley S2, hundreds of kilograms of drugs. The car, which arrived from British Columbia at the port of Botany, in Sidney, revealed it contains 161 kg of amphetamineshidden under the interior upholstery, and 30 kg of cocainewhich instead had been placed behind the headlights.

After a report from the Australian Border Force, the body that deals with the security of the country’s borders, the police they completely disassembled the car to examine it in all its parts, thus discovering the huge amount of narcotic substances that it contained. After seizing the drugs, the police then also managed to arrest the traffickerwho had gone to collect the car completely unaware of what had happened in the meantime.

According to the New South Wales Police, the value of the drug hidden in the car is approximately $ 106 million. A huge figure, well above the value of the Bentley S2, quoted up to almost 70 thousand euros. Produced between 1959 and ’62, this luxury British sedan was based on the Rolls-Royce Silver Clud II, and was fitted with a 6.2-liter V8 engine also derived from Rolls and had a length of 5.37 meters.

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