“5 thousand euros of light, to save I open only in the morning” – Corriere TV

“5 thousand euros of light, to save I open only in the morning” – Corriere TV
“5 thousand euros of light, to save I open only in the morning” – Corriere TV
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Valentina Baldisserri / CorriereTv

Two restaurateurs, a hotelier, a baker: four merchants from Milan and the province who have a common problem, the maxi bills. Alberto Rovati, from Casalmaggiore, had led the way with his provocation of the bill in the window and the “10 euro pizza”. Between July and August, bills that tripled compared to the previous year arrived. And the worst (apparently) is yet to come.

Luigino PoliGeneral manager of Poli Hotel e vice president of Federalberghi Milan he is convinced that «alone a political intervention will be able to mitigate the impact of these enormous costs. For our part, we are already trying to save by cutting unnecessary costs. For example the air conditioning is one degree higher than normal. I have read that some hotels in Rimini want to make customers pay for it. Of course, it is not pleasant but we will be forced ».

Raffaele Borsari is a restaurateur who has had one for 45 years trattoria in Milan , in the central area (in Porta Romana, Che ce cares): «We have never experienced a moment like this – he says-. The twin towers and Covid threw us to the ground but then we recovered. But this “war” against expensive energy cannot be fought. It is the first time that I am really afraid for my business and for my family ».

Then there are young entrepreneurs like Matteo Cunsoloa beautiful bakery in Parabiago and many national and international awards to be exhibited, which appeals to the government because it does not want all its sacrifices to go up in the air. the president of the Milanese bakers and has the exact pulse of the situation: “It’s dramatic, I get desperate phone calls of fellow bakers. Gas and electricity are essential for us but at these prices how do we do it? how can we triple the price of bread? ».

The Sicilian restaurateur Andrea Graziano, by Fud Bottega Sicula, displays the latest bills with apprehension: «I was one of the first months ago, faced with the first increases, to protest with candlelit dinners. But here other than protest, we cannot bear the impact of these bills. We ask the government to help us ».

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September 1, 2022 – Updated September 1, 2022, 1:50 pm


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