“Eni, no extra profits on gas: the price cap is European”

“Eni, no extra profits on gas: the price cap is European”
“Eni, no extra profits on gas: the price cap is European”
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“U The surtax on the profit is reasonable, but a transparent tax base is necessary, clear and easily representable externally ». Eni breaks the silence on extra profits and does so, with CFO Francesco Gattei, on the day the group updated the amount of the levy decided by the Draghi government. No more 550 million, but 1.4 billion.

Why this recount?

Eni paid the 40% deposit on 30 June in line with the provisions of the law and downstream of the circular of 23 June from the Revenue Agency which provided for the exclusion, with respect to the VAT balance, for non-territorial active operations. On 11 July, however, with a new circular, the Agency specified that the exclusion could only be carried out in the presence of perfect correspondence with passive operations outside the VAT field. At that point we made an inquiry to understand how to apply this criterion to non-punctual macro transactions, but the restrictive response leaves the taxpayer the burden of demonstrating the connection between active and passive in an analytical way.

Hence the integration made yesterday on the advance: 340 million more than the 220 million paid. Have you also paid a penalty?

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Absolutely not, because we have operated according to the dictates of the law. And the circular of 11 July made it possible to integrate the amount due by 31 August without penalties.

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