with this trick it comes back as new

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How many times have we found the car completely dented due to hail and snow that fell during the night, so here’s how to fix it in a few simple steps.

Hail bumps – LettoQuotidiano.it

To proceed with the operation, however, it will be necessary to purchase a extractor kit which we will need later. Together with the kit, they will also be included in the price of the various wicks which will be very useful to us.

The hail can do serious damage to the bodywork of our car

These, in fact, must be glued on the bodywork thanks to the help of the hot glue. Inside the package, therefore, the latter will all be different having both larger models and some smaller ones. It will therefore be up to us to choose the most suitable one to cover the dent left by the hail.

Hail damage on the bodywork- Motori.News

The glue, therefore, will be fine the standard one and that we all already have at home. Let’s proceed, therefore, with the actual guide. The first thing to do, of course, will be identify the various bumps present on the car and maybe surround them with adhesive tape so as not to lose them.

Dent remover- Motori.News

Done that we will put hot glue on top of the wicks, I recommend not directly on the bodywork, and then place it where the bump is. Once glued, therefore, we will use the pliers to try to pull the wick from above so that it goes to smooth out the blow suffered by the hail.


On the other hand, however a single “pass” may not be enough and for this reason we will be able to repeat the operation until we see our bodywork as smooth as it once was. Unfortunately, however, some small marks will remain nonetheless also because there will be no wicks so small to allow.

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With a few euros we will be able to get our car back as new

In short, for a perfect result it will take a lot of elbow grease but after all it is a fair compromise to bring your car back to life with only twenty euros of maximum expense. In fact, if we rely on a mechanic, even for such a “simple” repair, the costs will still be much higher.

Obviously, moreover, this method can be valid for each side of the car and therefore also on the doors as well as for the roof. We also remind you how the eartips can be reused since they are not disposable and therefore at a new hail we will not have to buy back the whole set.

Hail Kit – Engines.News

With this guide, therefore, you will be able yourself to smooth out all the dents on the car in a few simple steps.

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