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Yamaha is promoting the XMAX: all prices and models on offer for the month of September

The promotions on the purchase of new motorcycles go on in September, with Yamaha focusing onXMaxone of the flagship vehicles of the Japanese brand.

Yamaha X Max (

A perfect vehicle for the city, but also for vigil, thanks to powerful 300 cc engine of displacement and Euro 5 able to give high performance. And the scooter is also perfect from the point of view of comfort, really high-level without damaging a typical sporty driving style. The stability of the vehicle has also been improved, thanks to the engagement of the motorcycle-style double plate fork.

Linear and dynamic designthe instrumentation is decidedly modern with the LCD display, while a LED are the lights both at the front and at the rear. The under-seat is large, where two helmets can easily enter, there is also space in the glovebox for a 12 V socket, useful, for example, to charge the smartphone. Among the safety systems, however, there is no lack of traction control.

Yamaha X Max, the models in promotion

Yamaha X Max (

The X Max, which in design is naturally inspired by the T Maxthe best-selling scooter in Europe, can be purchased by taking advantage of Yamaha’s Easy Go promotion.

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The price is 6,299 euros; advance of 1,100 euros, then 36 monthly installments of 99 euros and a maxi final installment – called the Guaranteed Future Value – of € 2,897.54. The total credit amount is 5,439.70, while the amount owed by the customer amounts to 6,619.26, with the interest being € 871.84. The offer is valid only until the next one September 30th.

However, Yamaha also offers the Tech Max version of the X-Max from 300 cc of displacement. The price is a little higher, of 6,699 euros, with an advance of 1,400 euros, then 99 euros for each of the 36 monthly installments and the final maxi installment also called Valore Futuro Guaranteed for the amount of 3,081.54 euros. The total amount of credit is 5,546.46 euros, while the total amount owed is 6,803.66 euros, with interest of 899.09 euros. L’offer, also in this case, it is valid until the next one September 30th.

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