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Zara Home reserves fantastic promotions until 11 September 2022: discounted prices on some products of the assortment and new collections for back to school or to work, as well as for a respectable home coffee break and to enjoy good food. And what about the new Made by Artisans Buño collection? Let’s find out together the news and promotions Zara Home September: 10 discounts and mind-boggling ideas.

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Tasty promotions until 11 September 2022 from Zara Home, both on the official website and in the store. Discounts on most of the assortment on textiles, furniture and furnishing accessories or home decorations, in order to prepare it for autumn or simply keep the summer wind even in view of the autumn days that are now timidly peeping out.

Not only discounts and promotions, because the opportunities at Zara Home are endless: shop the look studied for your study and make the return from vacation less traumatic, or for one coffee break design with the dedicated collection, or even the project Made by Artisans that It focuses on Buño, a place in Galicia (Spain) where it is a millenary tradition to collect clay to model pottery, utensils and crockery. With the collaboration of Gorin Workshop, a small local workshop, Zara Home sells exclusively Buño soap dishes, plates and glasses, exporting unique pieces of art.

Find out now the Zara Home September promotions and news: 10 unmissable discounts and ideas between occasions and new collections.

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

1. Linen pompom quilt

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

For those who love neutral solutions and natural fabricsthis discounted quilt for both single and double bed is ideal for decorating the bedroom. With 52% linen and 48% cotton, only the padding is in polyester and makes it able to be washed in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees with a short spin cycle. Measures 230 x 250 cm h promotional price of Euro 175.20while the measure 270 x 280 cm is discounted at 199.20 Euros.

2. Rectangular ceramic lamp

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

In promotion at 55.99 euros until 11 September 2022you will not be immune to the charm of this lamp with a cotton lampshade base, with a particularly geometric shape. Dimensions 31 x 22 x 22 cm, is ideal for any type of room e combinable with the majority of furnishing styles and accessories on the site.

3. Blue floral jacquard tablecloth

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

Cotton tablecloth with flower jacquard detail forming part of JOIN LIFE Care for water. It is an object that has been produced keeping in mind the water recycling, so you can reuse it and not waste it. Excessive water consumption occurs in fabric dyeing or washing and rinsing processes. Depending on the size, the price is discounted: measures 170 x 170 cm, from 2 to 4 diners, at the price is 28.79 Euros; 6 to 8 diners (170 x 150cm) a 31.99 Euro, while from 8 to 10 diners a 39.99 euros (170 x 350 cm).

4. Majolica tableware with tropical leaf print

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

For those who love the tropical style and would also like to decorate the table, these majolica crockery with leaf print are ideal for evoking summer even on the coldest days. They are made of 100% majolica and are composed of a flat plate at a price of 7.99 euros as the soup platethe dessert plate for € 6.39 and the tea cup where only the saucer has the colored leaf motif, and sold at a discounted price of 20% so a 9.59 euros. The prices refer to the single unit.


5. Air freshener in stick Eau Incognito 100 mlZara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

To perfume the environment, here is a stick diffuser lasting one month for 15.99 euros. The fragrance, like the packaging, adapts to any space. This environmental scent is the perfect marriage between citrus and lavender. They emerge bergamot and mandarin but the Neroli, together with lavender, warms the heart. The notes of dry wood and musk complete the olfactory notes with a base that recalls a modern style.

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6. Glass cup for espresso or cappuccino

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

Idea for breakfast and for the table in generalone transparent thermo glass cup to enjoy an excellent espresso not only with the sense of smell and taste, but also even with the view. With handle and suitable for microwave and dishwasher, with a capacity of 80 ml, this cup resists up to 70 degrees, so don’t pour hot liquids into it because it reaches 100 degrees. The cappuccino cup has a diameter of 220 cm. Both cost € 3.99 each.

7. Iron box

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

Smooth structure, black in color and available in different sizes depending on your needs. Dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 cm for the price of 17.99 euros; the 12.5 × 27 cm one costs 25.99 euros while the largest, 27 × 32.50 cm, is valid 49.99 euros. Excellent solution pto keep order on your desk or in the study-office area housewife, without sacrificing elegance.

8. Pot holder in ceramic

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

You want to give your indoor plants a new look? This 10 x 10 cm pot holder is for you. Made of 100% clay, a skilfully worked natural material. Each piece is unique and the ripples are normal in the processing phase, giving the object a more rustic look. Terracotta color, costs 12.79 euros in promotion until 11 September 2022.

9. Rattan basket

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

Woven rattan finish, neutral color adaptable to any style and type of environment. Measuring 71 x 62 x 62 cm, Rattan is a very resistant natural material. This basket can be used as a vase holder or object holder, to maintain order in the house. Promotion price 127.20 euros.

10. Striped ceramic glass Buño

Zara Home September: 10 discounts and ideas

Behind a simple glass, there is a story. The Obrador Gorin is active after a period of inactivity, resuming the family tradition of illustrious potters but introducing innovations such as new types of glazes, stoneware with Buño clay, an area of ​​Galicia. This ceramic glass comes with contrasting stripes, in beige tones, on a terracotta background. Each glass is a single piece, its characteristic is to be singular and therefore to be beautiful as it is, with slight imperfections at the hands of the artist. If you don’t want mass-produced glasses, per piece costs 19.99 euros. Discover the other items of the line!

Zara Home September ideas and photos gallery

It’s okay to view our unmissable September selection on Zara Home, but don’t miss our image gallery with other occasions and furnishing solutions. You will have until 11 September 2022 to take advantage of the discounts and dedicated promotions, so don’t waste time and go and see the official website.

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