Scooters with arrows and double brake from 30th September

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The obligation to equip electric scooters with “arrows” (the flashing lights to be activated when turning) and brakes on both wheels can now become operational. The day before yesterday the decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure was published in the Official Gazette, which bears the date of August 18 and establishes in detail the technical characteristics of the scooters and the devices they must be equipped with. Therefore it is possible to comply with the obligation within the dates established by law: next 30 September for new specimens on sale and 1 January 2024 for those already in circulation.

The dates set by law

These dates had been set by law 156/2021 (which converted the Infrastructure decree, 121 last year), which entered into force on 10 November 2021. But, in the absence of the Ministerial Decree, it would not have been possible to respect them. So much so that the original date for new scooters, 1 July 2022, had been postponed shortly after to 30 September 2022 by the Dl milleproroghe (228/2021). The ministry managed to meet the latter deadline.

The arrows (which the law refers to as “turn indicators”) must be amber and flash with a frequency between 1 and 2 Hertz and a pulse duration greater than 0.3 seconds, measured at 95% of the maximum light intensity . They must be installed both front and rear, in right-left pairs symmetrical with respect to the longitudinal axis of the scooter, at a height from the ground between 150 and 1400 millimeters. But, if they are positioned in such a way as to be visible both from the front and from the back (“for example on the handlebars,” explains the ministry), only one pair is enough. The other characteristics of the arrows are the same as those provided for bicycles (from article 224 of the Rules implementing the Highway Code), but with an intensity of the light emitted not less than 0.3 candles).

The brakes must be independent for each axle and must ensure that they “act promptly and effectively on the respective wheels”. They can act either on the wheel (tire or rim) or on the hub or on the transmission components.

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The scooters already in circulation

For scooters already on the road, both the indicators and the brakes must be mounted in kits “specially provided” for each model and in compliance with directive no. 2006/42 / EC to which the scooters, the same that the entire vehicle is required to obtain the CE marking (which is mandatory).

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