Fireplace bonus, a new aid against expensive energy appears. Here’s what it is and how to get it

Fireplace bonus, a new aid against expensive energy appears. Here’s what it is and how to get it
Fireplace bonus, a new aid against expensive energy appears. Here’s what it is and how to get it
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Do you want to renovate your heating system by taking advantage of the new concessions? here is the new Fireplace Bonus, so as to have a warm house and save a lot on bill costs. Here’s what it is.

The cost of energy and the consequent high bill are becoming a really important problem for Italian families and beyond.

The international crisis between Russia and Ukraine, now active for almost a year, it has led to numerous increases in the various economic sectors, from food to energy, with strong repercussions on the accounts of Italian families.

Driven by the need to save, Italians are always looking for concessions and new methods to counteract the harsh winter temperatures.

It must be said that many are dusting off the old wood stoves and old fireplaces driven by the low cost of wood compared to gas and pellets.

In fact to warm up an apartment of 100 square meters in the middle of the winter season they serve approx 30 quintals of wood. If we consider that today a quintal costs around 20 euros, the cost to be incurred is quite accessible.

It must be said that the use of traditional fireplaces and wood-burning stoves has some limitations, including that of heating only the area where they are located.

But they have the limitation of heating only the area of ​​the house where they are located. But with new heating solutions it is possible to exploit the heat emitted to heat the whole house. It is necessary to use new stoves, better known as fireplace stoves and connect them to the heating systems.

To date with the publication in Official Gazette of the new financial law check the Bonus for fireplaces.

Let’s find out, then, together what it is.

Fireplace bonus, a new aid against expensive energy appears. Here’s what it is and how to get it

Thanks to expensive energy, many Italians in recent months have been dusting off old stoves and fireplaces to heat their apartments. But you know, the heat given off by the latter tends to heat only the surrounding environment and not the entire apartment.

Therefore, today to get maximum savings and guaranteeing a warm house Italians are investing in new heating solutions.

We are talking about the new fireplace stoves, with which you can heat the entire apartment and have domestic hot water thanks to a single combustion process, reducing consumption and reducing costs.

Just simply connect them to radiators via collector and that’s it, so the heat does not only heat the surrounding environment but the entire apartment.

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In recent months, the Italian government has made available numerous incentives and concessions for the purchase of latest generation fireplace stoves.

These measures have been reconfirmed with the 2023 Budget Law and allow the purchase of these new heating systems by the citizen, who will find himself paying less than estimated.

However, it should be specified that not all models on the market are eligible for facilitation.

Fireplace bonus, these are the details

In order to take advantage of the new fireplace bonus, the purchase must be directed towards high energy efficiency solutions

The fireplace stoves must be installed to replace fireplaces or fireplaces or wood-burning stoves, both with open and closed hearths and it is necessary that the new generator has the certification of an accredited body, which certifies compliance with the UNI EN 13229 standard with a thermal efficiency greater than 85% and the 4-star environmental certification.

These are fireplace stoves that consume the minimum possible consumption as well as the latest generation appliances.

The Bonus will therefore only be paid to citizens who decide to purchase a closed fireplace characterized by a reduced environmental system, thus leading to the tax deduction.

To go into detail, the new Bonus Termocamini is known to most by the name of Conto Termico. The facility is used by private entities to increase the energy class of your apartment.

With the new facilitation there is a coverage equal to about 65% of the expenditure actually incurred by the citizen.

Fireplace bonus, in addition to the facilitation, you get further savings

Of course, in addition to obtaining discounts to save on bills, it is appropriate choose solutions equipped with exchanger cleaning systems so as to obtain an optimal level of thermal efficiency and which can be cleaned constantly.

In very few words, the fireplace stove must be such as to guarantee simplicity in ordinary cleaning maintenance.

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