Bianchi brings production back to Italy: new places

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From Taiwan to Treviglio, Bianchi bicycles will be produced in Italy again. The historic brand of Made in Italy on two wheels has announced the investment plan for the enlargement and modernization of the factory in the 1970s, where the headquarters of the company, now controlled by the Swedish Cycleurope Ab, is located. A “reshoring” strategy, that is the opposite of relocation, to bring back to our country the two wheels that accompanied the epochal enterprises of Fausto Coppi, produced by the one that represents the oldest still existing bicycle factory in the world.

Historic Italian brand brings production back to Italy: the reshoring plan

The project foresees an investment of approx 40 million euros to refurbish the old site of the Bergamo city, where at the moment the main offices of the company are located and the design and production only of the high-end range is developed, and make it a 4.0 plant with cutting-edge technologies in Europe.

“The new headquarters will be built on the same area that currently houses the Bianchi di Treviglio headquarters, as part of a broader project for the renewal and enhancement of Made in Italy” said Fabrizio Scalfarotto, CEO of the company since 2018, presenting plan.

To manufacture approximately one thousand bicycles per shift per day as planned starting in early 2023, the “new Bianchi” will be built on an area of ​​30 thousand square meters, 17 thousand of which will be dedicated to production alone, and will employ approximately 250 employees.

The “reshoring” strategy undertaken by the bicycle brand aims to shorten production lines and cut delivery times.

A decision taken also in light of the logistical difficulties and the increase in fuel costs caused by the pandemic (here we talked about the risk of closing the Paluani), despite the cost of labor in Italy has a much higher cost than in other contexts outside the Europe.

Historic Italian brand brings production back to Italy: recruitment per cent under 35

To achieve these commitments, Bianchi is planning a recruitment plan, also linked to the territory, of one hundred under 35 who will be added to the already operational staff (here we had written about the hires of Ita while here we talked about the collective redundancies of another airline, Air Italy).

New entrants will be trained in our Academy: specific skills are needed, which is why we are collaborating with universities such as the Politecnico di Milano. But we would also like to recall former employees who can train young people. We want to reacquire that way of producing that has distinguished us in the world ”, explained CEO Scalzotto.

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