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The Rolex Daytona it is one of the watches most coveted on the market. Specifically, it is a chronograph great precision. Also for these reasons it is the one preferred by sportsmen and pilots in particular; but also by actors who are fascinated by beauty and elegance undisputed of the specimen. The prices, in fact, we must confess, are not so accessible to “ordinary” people; and such a watch certainly turns out to be, to all intents and purposes, one status symbol of luxury and wealth.

Despite this, or perhaps precisely for these reasons, there are many who try at all costs to get hold of it an example at bargain prices. Perhaps this is not the most appropriate term if we think that the cheapest specimen is around €12,000; but it certainly is when we point out that there are also models that are worth it 80, 100 thousand or MUCH more.

Rolex at very low prices

Given the prices so high, this watch is often the victim of forgery and counterfeiting and the subject of scams. Unfortunately there are many who have been cheated following a purchase which, later, turned out to be a scam. Therefore, if you are looking for such a watch to buy second handfor example, always make sure it has all the certifications of the case; the original box, there warranty and the Description of the model together with all the documentation with which it is usually sold.

Furthermore, we want to give some advice to all those who believe they have a bargain in their hands. Remember that a great many rolexes of the kind are thick eligible for appreciation; this means that if a specimen at the time of release was worth a certain amount; past a few years could without a doubt worth more. This is the case, for example, of the first model launched on the market, which at the time of its release cost around €16,000 and now it is worth 79 thousand.


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