Can a self-employed hire a subordinate?

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Let’s face a very particular issue related to the world of work: can a self-employed worker hire another worker with a subordinate employment contract? This is a very particular case, which we will try to clarify together in the following article.

What is the distinction between self-employment and subordinate work? In principle, this distinction originates from the two different forms of contract to which one submits, since one allows freedom of decision and autonomy, while the other makes the work of the subject subordinate to the will of another. In the following article we will define both ways of working, and then we will try to understand if the self-employed can assume the subordinate.

Self-employment and subordinate work: here are the differences


Let’s see first what are the differences between self-employment and subordinate work, emerging from the different types of contract. Self-employment is distinguished by the fact that the worker does not follow the directives and instructions of an employer: in fact, the place, the time and the way in which the work is carried out are decided by the worker himself. The parties can freely choose how to organize work activities.

In subordinate work however, as the word itself suggests, the worker is entirely dependent on the will of another subject. Typically in this contract the employer pays salary and contributions, gives his consent to holidays and absences, indicates the timetable that the employee must respect.


Can the self-employed hire a subordinate?

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Now let’s see the bottom line of the story: a self-employed person can hire an employee? The answer is yes. The law does not preclude this possibility for the self-employed, on the contrary it makes available many types of contracts that can be used, such as part-time or on-call contracts.

Important aspect for tax purposes, the self-employment employer must present the single certification for all subordinates.

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