Autostrade, from today they’ll refund your toll money: here’s how to apply

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Tolls are an annoying expense for those who travel often on the motorway, which can become heavy, especially in certain stretches where the cost becomes really high. But not everyone knows that it is possible to get the money paid at the toll booth back. There are several reasons why this is possible, let’s see them together in this article.

We had already told you about the Free to X smartphone app, which offers various services to the motorist and is developed in collaboration with Autostrade per l’Italia. Many use it exclusively to detect the presence of Tutors, but it’s not just for that. In fact it can be used for the purpose that interests us.

In fact, Autostrade per l’Italia facilitates the reimbursement of motorway tolls through the Free to X app, which however is possible only in certain cases in which cases, which we will now go to see together.

Reimbursement of motorway tolls, how the Autostrade per l’Italia cashback works

Reimbursement of motorway tolls is possible in the event of traffic jams or construction sites, and comes with the new Autostrade per l’Italia cashback. The license plate cashback has already been operational since 29 April 2022, and can be accessed through the Free To X app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the stores for Android and IOS devices, the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The go-ahead for the cashback also comes after the conclusion of the non-compliance procedure initiated by the Antitrust against ASPI. From now on, in fact, consumers will develop the right to obtain reimbursements of between 25% and 100% of the toll. The amount of the refund it depends on the amount of kilometers traveled but also and above all on the accumulated delay due to the disservices generated by the construction sites, and for which the paying motorist is obviously not at fault, on the contrary he receives damage.

But how do you get reimbursed for motorway tolls? We explain it to you in a practical way.


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Thanks to the new digital technologies, the reimbursement foreseen by the cashback it takes place automatically, calculated on the basis of the actual journey time. But when does one enter the range entitled to a refund? Re-entry into this range of motorway toll reimbursement entitlement occurs when the normal journey time is exceeded by a certain amount of time, for example 10 minutes late for a twenty minute journey. Reimbursement is calculated proportionally, so if, for example, a 4-hour journey is delayed by 20 minutes, you are not entitled to any reimbursement.

Specifically, the cashback is valid for the types of transits on:

  • stretches with input and output on the ASPI network;
  • stretches with input on the ASPI network and output on another concessionaire;
  • sections with entry to another concessionaire and exit to the ASPI network;
  • stretches with entrance and exit on another concessionaire, with crossing over the ASPI network.

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