Fiat, the “Topolino” is back: it will make everyone dream | A real return to the origins

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The new electric microcar tribute to the Fiat Topolino is arriving: this is how the hi-tech jewel of the Italian company will look like, a tribute to a truly iconic status symbol that made entire generations fall in love with and dream of.

Myths never die and so does the Fiat Topolino is not exempt from this rule: in fact, ready to return to the market in one all-electric and hi-tech version. A tribute that in 2023 will hit the streets of the country, produced by the historic Turin brand in honor of a timeless icon.

Microelectric Wind Topolino 2023 –

Inconveniencing the name Topolino, in the history of Fiat, has been a clear strategy of marketing and also a volunteer tribute a little romantic in a past time. A name that was never officially used by the Turin house but which in fact accompanied the 500 of 1936.

Images that made you dream and those of the presumed new Fiat Topolino immediately flew around the web and around the globe: for how much to all intents and purposes a Citroen AMI branded Fiatit does not give up the charm and vintage effect that is its own.

For the moment we are not taking sides between those who define the operation as a marketing success and those who paint it as a sensational own goal: Fiat is making itself heardthanks to a vehicle that promises to be innovative and ready for the future.

Fiat Topolino 2023: this is how it will be

Still taking up the aforementioned Citroen AMI, the front and back of the Italian car seem very indistinguishable and brilliantas are i round headlights typical of the 1936 model and the spartan interior and essential. The one that presents itself, however, will be innovative and versatile, a bit like the Opel Rocks-e was.

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In fact, ready there electric microcar version that can be driven without a licence: new logo, new alloy wheels and front decked out properly with an elegant grille that will embellish its lines. The electric motor will be the same as the other twins of category: a decision marked by continuity, also conceptual.

Microelectric Fiat Topolino 2023 on the road –

We were saying, the engine: it will have a 8 HP and 6 kW electric propulsionsupported by a battery composed of lithium ini from 5.5 kWhwhose autonomy total should be around about sui 75km. Not bad for a single light vehicle 450 Kgs and can also be driven by 16 and 17 year olds. The measures they are compact in style vintage: the new Fiat Microcar 2023 Topolino will be just 2.41 meters long and 1.39 meters wide. Finally, the height will measure 1.52 meters. A jewel that will make the youngest and not only fall in love with it, just like its historic older sister did several years ago.

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