Books / On love and autism at the time of Nazism

Books / On love and autism at the time of Nazism
Books / On love and autism at the time of Nazism
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Melancholy, poignant, desperately human. There is a lot of poetry and a lot of historical truth in it “Noah’s Kite”a novel for children aged 14 and up by the Spaniard Rafael Salmerón and set during the German occupation in Poland.

Little Noah lives with his family in Krakow, where on October 19, 1932 he was born in the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, the third son of the watchmaker Leopold Baumann and his wife Dora.

Noah does not cry or gibberish, he closes himself in the deepest silence and his name, over time, is associated with some adjectives such as special, strange, bizarre, subnormal, idiot.

Thus, while the situation of the Jews of Krakow deteriorates day by day, while the relationship between the Baumann spouses is consumed in the cold of indifference and contempt, in Noah’s strange mind there is only room for his kite.

To protect him from everything and everyone, even from his own mother, is only his brother Joel, the gentle giant who constantly watches over him.


The meeting with the Hiller family will be fundamental, which will make Joel and Noah discover the power of love, even in a dramatic environment like that of the ghetto.

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(Review taken from the July issue of SuperAbile INAIL, the monthly Inail on disability issues)

The article is in Italian

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