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Anna Kanakis presents the book Non Giudicarmi, with Massimo Gramellini

Anna Kanakis presents the book Non Giudicarmi, with Massimo Gramellini
Anna Kanakis presents the book Non Giudicarmi, with Massimo Gramellini
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Milan – Monday 26th September 2022 at 18.00 la Buzzati Hall in Milan hosts Anna Kanakis And Massimo Gramellinipresenting the book do not judge me by Anna Kanakis. Admission is free while seats last with reservation required (for further information it is however possible to write a email to Corriere della Sera Foundation).

Milan – It is November 5, 1923. The Baron Jacques d’Adelsward Fersen he is returning home to Capri to his buen retiro: Villa Lysis. Jacques is an enigmatic and dissatisfied man: cocaine addict, homosexual, is an outcast, a different one. His life, although glittering and sophisticated, is a constant struggle against his demons: he lacked the talent to become the writer he wanted to be, but it is above all his homosexuality that caused him a isolation from the familythe prison and a deep one meloncholy.

Milan – Now, in what appears to all intents and purposes a symbolic return to one’s inner self, it is presented together with his two lovers, Nino and Manfredo: the first, a lifelong companion, was a street boy, a laborer, and takes care of Jacques with compassion and affection; the second, more capricious and strong-willed, is a young man so delicate that he has earned the nickname of faun. During the trip there is no shortage of encounters with friends of the pastbut also with i ghosts of yore which, fueled by forced abstinence from cocaine, return to haunt the protagonist and cause in him hallucinations, negative obsessions, emotional abysses.

A question haunts Jacques: is it possible to redeem oneself at least in the end? What can a man do to escape the condemnation of others and his own mediocrity? A historical novel capable of restoring the true voice of a character who really existed and which nevertheless proves capable of overcoming time: because little and nothing seems to have changed since Jacques Fersen, Baron d’Adelsward, wandered around Capri under the indignant gaze of the people. A fierce and moving book, which allows us to decipher a pain that concerns us and still belongs to us today.

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