“Power information rights”: ten years of news episodes, on newsstands with the GdB

“Power information rights”: ten years of news episodes, on newsstands with the GdB
“Power information rights”: ten years of news episodes, on newsstands with the GdB
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The limits that political power must respect, the guarantees that are due to information and the rights of individuals vis-à-vis the state and in balancing with other people’s rights. That’s what the book is about “Power information rights” (pp. 240, Publisher Il Sole 24 Ore), on newsstands from 10 September at a cost of 12.90 euros (plus the purchase of the newspaper).

The volume is a collection of articles published by authors in the last ten years in the Sole 24 Ore, both in the print and online editions, and in the supplement «La Domenica».

The purpose of the book is to show, starting from news episodes from which the single pieces were inspired, which are the relationships between power, information and the rights of individuals in a decade marked by profound changes, such as the digital revolution and the rise of populisms, and traumatic and very rare events, such as the pandemic and the war.


Carlo Melzi d’Eril, deals with criminal law and information law. In addition to his publishing activity, he has written more than ninety articles in scientific journals and interventions in manuals and collective volumes. He is the founder and co-director of the Media Law Review. He lectures at masters and graduate schools in various universities, at the judiciary school and training courses for lawyers, and teaches at the Urbino school of journalism.


Giulio Enea Vigevani, teacher and lawyer. He is professor of constitutional law in Milano Bicocca and mainly deals with constitutional issues, personality rights and media law. He has written scientific publications on the Constitution, freedom of expression, information law and electoral law, including three monographs and various university manuals. He has also held government posts, and is the founder and co-editor of the Media Law Review.

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