Cinisello, an evening dedicated to Bob Dylan at ‘A Garland of Books’

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The appointment with Una Ghirlanda di Libri is approaching, the independent publishing fair that will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September in Villa Casati Stampa Casati.


Also in this third edition there will be a moment dedicated to entertainment, but with a cultural and in-depth cut: an evening dedicated to singer-songwriter and Nobel laureate Bob Dylan. The great classics of Bob Dylan’s repertoire, such as Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door, Hurricane, Blowin’ in the Wind, Mr Tamburine Man, Like a Rolling Stone, will be the main songs of the evening, scheduled for Saturday 17 at 20.30, when it will go to stage the show directed and conducted by Ivano Bison. It will be a ‘theatrical concert’, with live music, images, Bison’s narrative guide and a real-life Bob Dylan, played by the actor Filippo Pellegrini. A journey through the most famous songs of the American singer, quotes and anecdotes from a very long career and always attentive to issues such as racism and the exploitation of workers.


“Never as this year do we feel compelled to recover thoughts and values ​​that have accompanied us on our life path and that now seem to have been lost – explain from the LeGhirlande association -. Culture must be approached to feelings of peace, sharing and support, but not in their material sense, but in its highest expression, that of ideology and that of universal meaning. The fact that Bob Dylan is also a Nobel Prize in Literature places him right within an event like ours ».


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