Maurizio De Giovanni ‘I would like to slow down, but not in writing’ – Books

Maurizio De Giovanni ‘I would like to slow down, but not in writing’ – Books
Maurizio De Giovanni ‘I would like to slow down, but not in writing’ – Books
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(by Mauretta Capuano) (ANSA) – PORDENONE, 16 SEPT – Thin, smiling, fit, two months after the heart attack that hit him on 12 July 2022, Maurizio De Giovanni is full of projects, ideas, things to come between books and TV series of which he holds the record on Rai1. He wants to “slow down” a little, but certainly not with writing, which “doesn’t cost him any effort”. In Pordenonelegge he arrived with ‘Un volo per Sara’, the last book of the series published by Rizzoli. And there is great expectation for the new novel by Commissioner Ricciardi which announces in preview at ANSA “it will be called ‘Caminito’ and will be released at the end of 2022”.

“With Sara the ideas arrive and make room, even beyond my expectations. It works in a somewhat strange way compared to the other series that are a bit the fruit of the previous book.

‘A flight to Sara’ starts from the case that occurred on 24 October 2021 of the accident of a small tourist plane that, which left Milan and headed for Sardinia, fell on a small building under renovation. This thing struck me very much. It was interesting to think it wasn’t an accident. And what if there was a clear desire to kill someone and that this someone was not the most obvious? “Says the writer.

“Sara also gives me the opportunity to get my hands on the past of the great events of this country, she makes me play from the point of view of secrecy on 30 years of history of this country. In this novel I analyze a bit of tangentopoli sideways.

There are events that when they happen we are all inclined to judge in a summary way. When the Berlin Wall fell, we were all happy, a form of liberation. In light of the facts, today, from a geopolitical point of view, we are not all so sure that it was a good thing for the world.

Tangentopoli also, we saw it as the end of a corrupt political class, but today I don’t know if the current political class is necessarily better than the political class of that time “says De Giovanni who, in view of the political elections of 25 September, invites reflection. “We have a context that is no longer just Italian, but necessarily European. The reasoning that should be done, from an electoral point of view, by everyone, is the position towards Europe. There is talk of a winning center-right, but the three main parties that make up the center-right belong to three different MEP groups.


This is a consideration that no one does “.

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De Giovanni’s ‘Tutto il Teatro’ (Einaudi) has also arrived in the bookstore and the writer is very happy with “this collection of texts, nine, all in a different tone”. And he is already thinking about the next novel in the ‘Sara’ series for Rizzoli “because the last book leaves a very important suspension”. Meanwhile, he expects ‘Caminito’ which will be “set in 1939, therefore 5 years after the last Ricciardi, Il pianto dell’Alba”.

‘Caminito’ is Gardel’s tango. It is a song of great regret and beauty. He says ‘Little road that one day saw us pass together happy, now you only find me who came to say goodbye’ “.

On September 25, “but there is talk of a postponement for the elections, there is the second series of ‘Mina Settembre’ (the books are published by Rizzoli). They have just finished filming Ricciardi which I believe will air at the beginning of 2023 and I understand that the fourth series of I Bastardi is in preparation, all of them Rai1 “says De Giovanni. But it does not end there: there is also “the new series ‘Never again as before’ from an original idea of ​​mine, produced by Palomar which should go on Rai1 at the end of 2022, the beginning of 2023. It is the story of a couple in crisis: he is a policeman who chooses to work at night. She works during the day and they only meet in the morning, “explains the writer. And, with the exception also on TV, ‘Sara’ will become a ‘Netflix’ series which I hope is well done. They are working on the writing. I’m crazy about her, if she were a woman I really knew I’d lose my head “.

But De Giovanni has decided to take a step back from the series. “I don’t want to worry about it anymore. Experiences like the one I’ve had either kill you or save you. I’m starting to look at life in a different way. I would like to slow down a bit, not with writing but with presentations, with tours. affects remain the same, what changes is the fact that you have understood that you are not as strong as you think you are. I do not write about myself but about my characters. I am convinced that literature is a bit burdened by this problem of the authors who tell themselves, “he says. (HANDLE).

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