Camerota, tomorrow the first appointment of “Liber Fest: books for free thinking”

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Starting tomorrow, September 17th at 9pmthe first date of “Liber Fest: books for free thinking” in Camerota. The appointments will take place on a weekly basis.

Appointment in Camerota with Liber Fest on September 17 at 21:00. A book for free thinking. Here’s what it is

The appointment will take place in halls of Palazzo Santa Maria in the company of Loreta Mastolonardoauthor of the novel “The ballad of Maria Gemella” which tells the stories of Rosalia, Livia and Caterina in search of the much desired freedom that began in a small town in Cilento.

The project was born from the collaboration between the CREA del Mare Foundation and the Municipality of Camerota; the goal is to convey thoughts and suggestions capable of opening up new visions with an eye to important contemporary issues.

The comment

The book has always been a vehicle of message, thought, a communication tool “so does the deputy mayor Giangaetano Petrillo know.

In a complicated historical period such as the one we are experiencing today, where the rights acquired with difficulty over the years are questioned, such as sexual orientation, freedom of expression, it is essential to sensitize young people and not only to reading, to knowledge to the free expression of thoughts and ideas.

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Liber Fest it really wants to instill the concept of freedom by bringing the interlocutor to question himself, constantly, about contemporaneity.

The article is in Italian

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